Thursday, 26 June 2008

6max Heaterz

As you guys know from my last update, I played a little 6max to break up my pretty poor run in full ring. Upto the 24th of this month, I was running a little below all in expectation and I was also playing pretty poorly as well. So I definitely needed to have a little break from the FR grind.

25th of June

Played 1800 hands for a profit of +$391. Another good day were my aggression is paying off, also like the previous day, I was on a real heater. That feels soooo good after the previous 2 weeks of pure frustration and cooler city.

At 6max I try to maintain stats of around 20/17/3 if I can. These seem to be the target of most TAG's at 25nl upto say 100nl. I'm sure
as one progresses further, then the general accepted stats seem to be of a S/LAG to LAG style. C/Bet is at approx 72%, which I would say is bare minimum for 6max. During these last 2 sessions I have been playing as aggressively as I can, whilst still maintaining some degree of control. I have been double barrelling more often and certainly 3/betting light, mixed in with isolation/squeeze plays. Now while I'm on a heater, things seem to run well, however, these type of plays become extremely expensive when things don't go your way, so we'll see how it goes.

There have been some interesting discussions on CC lately involving 'non showdown pots'. Normally, I lose a lot in non-showdown winnings (NSD), so I was quite impressed that my red line on the graph above (showing my last 2 days at 6max) is trying to follow the path of the $0 line. Under normal circs, for me that is, the NSD red line usually mirror images (-$) the SD winnings line, which is something I hope to improve.

Selected Hands

One of the biggest differences I find with FR as opposed to 6max, is the standard of short stack play. In FR the majority are nits, so if your up against one you make sure you have AA/KK or your crushed. In 6max its totally different as this hand suggests.

Again another s/s play. Usually I'd be wary of a limp/min r/r from utg, but this just confirms my point on 6max s/s'r are pretty gross.

If this were FR, I think I'd chk the turn for pot control, as FR is full of setminers. I think here in 6max though 3 streets of value against a 59/0/1 villain is just easy money.

So no poker today as I was knackered after work and basically fell asleep after my tea. I'll play the remainder of this month at 6max I think, I dunno, I'll see how it goes.

GL all!


Entiteit said...

Nice blog man, I just this and read all of your posts. I hope you get your supernova but I'm sure you will.

Also it seems you've been taking some sick beatings at FR ! Everytime you get like KK or AK your opponents seem to hit their set. Pretty frustrating I bet.

Anyways keep it up !

Entiteit said...

BTW what does LDO mean ? :D

Jay said...

Thanks for the support and comments. LDO is like duh obvious, LDO! :p

Entiteit said...

Ah I see, how could I have not know that I'm such an LDO donk -.-'

Can you use it as an adjective ? >___<