Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Grind, Grind, Grind...

Poker Update

Mon 23rd of June.

Played 4100 hands for a loss of -$379. Hmmm that sound familiar? Seriously cant get anything running at 100nl. I was chatting to Vanquish on AIM the other night (he's on a pretty bad run as well, hope it turns for ya soon mate), and he was saying to take a break. Well, I'm almost at that point tbh. My roll has taken a battering, I've got a few buy in's left before my bankroll management kicks in and I'll have to drop down a level.

A warning to you guys about some of these horror hands I'm about to show you. When running break even or d/swinging, yep we try to push things and plays look kinda spewy, there thats my excuses out of the way:).

I obv think I'm good here, top two is like the nuts. I put him on flush draws, Str8's.... I dunno. I think 16/11/2 does this type of thing on the button, but I just cant find a fold here. They hit the top of their range all the time lately!

At this stage I think that I haven't got a clue what I'm doing anymore. Again they hit the top of their range, and I spew $ to him and he gracefully accepts. He's got aggro stats (23/14/3) which makes my decision a bit more acceptable but meh!

Tue 24th of June.

Played 3500 hands for a profit of +$630. Whoo whhoooo! Has my luck changed? Hmm not really as such. You see I continued at FR for my 1st session and things slowly improved. I was getting my CB's home and hands were holding for me. I went up $300 early on, then spewed like a f***ing spew monkey on a tilt with 2 hands in particular. I feel kind of embarrassed showing them but hey it might make me focus a little more!

I've played against this reg a lot of times. His stats are pretty tight, but that couldn't be further from the truth. He plays 10/9/5. Bearing in mind I see him stacking off with A2 on A high flops against TAG's, and spewing all kinds of stuff I was hoping my read was gonna pay off here. Unfortunately I spew off on the river once again.

Well the next hand doesn't get much better. I honestly have no f***ing clue what I was doing here. Really I was just kind of pissed off with 100nl FR I suppose. I was actually quite surprised with what he turned over, as I don't see a lot of this especially this deep at 100nl FR!

So as you can guess I wasn't thinking straight at all. Time for a break!

Now when I say a break.... I mean from FR. I mean if I'm gonna spew, I may as well spew against some other spewtards. So I loaded up 4 tables of 100nl 6max!

Jesus, there's some serious donkey stuff going on in there, so I sort of felt at home!

This hand is definitely standard for 6max:

Apparently this is also standard:

Playing 6max is just an e-peen contest at times. I try to maintain stats of around 20/17/3, as a result your constantly raising/stealing/3betting light etc. This was a deepstacked hand, that I'm not sure I like my turn line much. I just don't see him having QT here, I think he has a big piece of this flop, but I'm fairly confident I'm ahead. I was quite surprised with what he turned over.

There were plenty more hands like this so I won't bore you anymore, but seriously 6max is truly crazy. Hopefully I'll get to play some more, we'll see.

VPP Update

Well the VPP's and FPP's are coming in thick and fast now as you can see from the update in the side bar.

I have like 145k FPP's now, so by the time I reach Supernova I should have well over 250k FPP's which will net me around $3750 ish. That will come in real handy after this shitty month!

GL all.

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