Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Monthly Summary - June


Played 61,700 hands around 13k of which was 6max, the rest at FR.

Run pretty dire at FR, thank god for my 6max heater, 5PTBB/100 and dragged my ass out of the mire.

Ended the month up $744 up. Earned 21,700 Vpp's whic
h equates to 54k Fpp's and approx $800 when converted.


I started the month playing 6max and went on a mad heater winning over 10 buy in's in 2 days. This was followed by an equally brutal d/swing, and me thinking I'll return to 6max another time!

FR was pretty brutal for me in June. I never got going, constantly winning some buy in's then losing them, as you can see from my graph. I account the main losses to just being coolered on a regular basis. Yes there were times I should have layed down my king's on the flop or turn, but I was constantly getting coolered with kings. 4 times I was
up against aces, and numerous times I walked into villains who hit set's on the flop. Well sometimes that just happens.

Towards the final week of the month, I was pretty much drained with FR and thought I needed to focus on something else. So I decided to play some more 100nl 6max and run really goot for the remainder of the month.

Bring on July!

Double VPP's!

I've been waiting for this for a couple of months now as I had heard a rumour on 2+2 that it 'May' be in happening in May! Anyways Pokerstars is having a double Vpp week which is absolutley amazing as I will be able to really push for Supernova this month. But I just wish they would give a little bit of notice as I was really hoping to take time off work and grind the week out. Just so happens that of the 6 days the promotion is on I'm in work for 4 of the ...Doh!

Played last night, 1st day of the promo, and played 24 tables for the 1st time over a prolonged period. Managed to get in 2.8k hands and earned 1,400
Vpps as a result. It seems that there were a lot of regs pointing out that there respective Vpp/hand had dropped considerably since the promo. I know mine dipped from like 0.33 to like 0.25Vpp/hand.

I'm off for the next 2 days now so I will really be pushing now, playing an insane amount of volume, by my standards anyway. I hope to play around 30-40k hands between now and Sunday, so fingers crossed all goes well.

Updates are gonna be short and sweet for now until this promo is over, so
GL all and enjoy the extra Vpp's!

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