Sunday, 8 February 2009


Think I made mention to the fact that I was gonna cut down on tables, and it was going ok. I was certainly improving in my hand reading and hence my NSD winnings were improving at a steady rate. However, I still couldn't consistently show any improvement in SD winnings. I really don't know what's going on in that department, as it was such a strong part of my game.

I had opened up 4 tables of 6max early last week, and within 100 hands, I had lost 3.5 buy ins. The hands are un-important, but needless to say I was running very bad. I took a break for an hour or so, then I remembered something Vanq said. He was talking to me about HU 'n stuff so I thought 'In for a penny in for a pound'.

So since that day I have played solely Heads Up at 100nl on Paddy Power. At the moment I'm 2 tabling, and have got about 9k hands in so far at this level. The play is absolutely shocking I have to say. Things are going really well over this small sample, but I'm trying to play a low variance type of game, if that makes sense. The way I do it is basically just play really aggro in position. The regs are pretty tight to say the least so basically I just raise atc otb. They just give up like a high % of the time, so it's free money really. You'd be amazed at how nitty they are.

Then you get another type of reg who like to think he's thinking on level far beyond their ability. But they just bluff away there stacks liker there's not tomorrow. And then we have the ATM's who basically play over rolled and are looking for a quick spin up. They seriously are atrocious, along with most of the short stackers as well tbh.

So enjoying winning again, I hope it continues, but I won't post an update on my winnings until the end of month summary. In the meantime I'll just throw up some posts on how it's going with some hands as well.

Oh by the way, I was supposed to be having my coaching session last week, but unfortunately I was too ill for it. So I'll have to re-arrange that some time in the near future.

GL guys.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

January's Monthly Review

Sorry for the lack of updates this month.... It's been tough!

Since the last update I've now placed 1/2 my roll at Paddy Power poker (Ipoker network) and managed to get an ok deal there. Basically I get a $600 deposit bonus (and boy do I need that atm!) and I get promoted to the top of their VIP status, which apparently brings me something in the region of 33% rakeback equivalent at 6max. Obviously I have yet to confirm this, but if it's someway below that figure, then I'm dumping Ipoker pretty quick as the software can only be desribed as SHITE!

My first weeks play there has pretty much gone the same was as most of my January.... constantly getting my money in behind to the likes of JJ v qq, qq v kk bollocks a host of flipping with AK.

The sense of delight I felt after getting unstuck at 30k hands was truly inspirational almost. Then to go on another soul destroying d/swong, 2 in the space of 40k hands, well you can't even imagine the absolute dejection I feel atm.

What Now?

Well the beauty of being a bankroll nit is that I have been able to plan for days like this. I still have like 50 buy ins at 100nl, so there's still something to play for. But, I seriously CANNOT have any more months like this..... So I have to change something.

I had already taken measure before I spoke to Vanq earlier this week, but something he said actually hit home for a change. I know it's also been said my numerous other ppl on CC as well.


I made moves into actually getting some coaching as well, and I spoke to my coach earlier this week and he basically told me he want me to play 2 tables of 6 max from now on.... and no more than 4. Basically Vanq said as much as well. So I tried it yesterday and I'm going to play 4 tables max for the whole of February.

So I'm looking forward to Tuesday as this will be my 1st session of 5 I have booked with him. He's a Deuces Cracked coach and has some really great reviews by his students and peers, and after speaking to him last week he seems a great guy. He plays 1 & 2knl and he has a degree in Mathematics so I'm sure he can teach me a thing or 2. If after this series of coaching sessions I cant improve at 6max, then it's time to re-evaluate my poker goals. So February is really gonna be an important month for me pokerwise.

Any Positives?

Well yes there are.

I can't remember how but a couple of 10nl guys on CC actually approached me for some coaching/sweat sessions. 'LOL' I hear you say :). Well believe it or not they went surprisingly well. I've had around a 8 sessions with Jurn8 and just the one with The Shrog. Jake's game has come on leaps and bounds since we 1st started and his results have been extremely consistant. He's already upto 25nl and seems to be running well there so I hope he'll be upto 50nl by the end of the month.

Brad's only session with me, proved he already has the foundations to become a really good cash game player, and I hope he wants to some more sweats in the future. Jake has mentioned that he believes I could do some coaching (micro stakes), and tbh I feel I can look at other's game's better than I can analyse my own, but I don't want to go down that road until I sort myself out, so maybe in the future. For now I'm more than happy just helping out the 5-10nl guys out should they seek my advice (when I have the time). Oh and Custo if your reading this..... I haven't forgotten you m8!

Oh and BTW, thanks for everyone who posts in the comments giving me support.... It really does help and means a lot. GL all!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Disappointing End!

Well I haven't posted much this month. I'm sure you guys can guess why. I'm pretty low at the moment, not much else I can say to describe how I feel. Got fed up with my play/how I ran/constant bs that I've had this month. I could post a shit load of hands of how bad I played, how bad I ran but wtf! There's absolutely no point! I don't profess to be a good player or anything, I never have. And at my lowly winrate, I expect to have some horror downswings. But it's just gone on for too long now.

Last November was the start, a 35 buy in d/swong to boot. I stayed at 200nl for too long whilst that swong was underway. I made a recovery in December, but January has been just as demoralising as November. I'm nowhere near as bad as Nov, I mean I'm only -$2.5k, but earlier on in the month I was like down to -$3.6k, then I rallied back to -$200, then back down again.

Withdrew all my money out of Stars, which I feel absolutely gut wrenched about. I had high hopes for making a decent living on Stars, but I have to be realistic, I just can't beat 200nl. And my winrate just isn't good enough at 100nl (just under 3ptbb/100 and steadily decreasing).

I'll post some more another day, coz i'm just pissed off atm.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Great Start to the New Year!

Not poker wise!

Took the family to my father in laws in North Wales for a couple of days, and had a really good time. Plenty of wine and lovely food, in fact I've certainly over indulged in both over the last 2 weeks. My wife's father lives in a converted barn not far from Betws -y- coed. It's a lovely place, situated on the side of a hill over looking the hills and valleys.

So, on Friday we all went to a nearby reservoir, which is surrounded by some beautiful scenery. We managed to walk around the whole reservoir, total of 7 miles. Well I can tell you now, I'm paying dearly for that. It just goes to show, how you can underestimate your own levels of fitness. I mean, it was a 3.5 hour walk over varying terrain, but I felt refreshed after it. However, 2 days later and I feel like someone has stuck a kitchen knife in by 2 calf muscles, plus I have tendon problems in my right foot.

So here's some photo's of the reservoir:

Me and my daughter:


Played my 1st hands of 2009 yesterday. It was a pretty nasty day, villains were hitting the top of their range almost everytime I got into a hand with anyone. So it wasn't pretty and not worth talking about in all honesty. Down 4.5 buy ins.

2009 Life Goals

Guess what? I actually have some non poker goals for this year.

Reduce my debt by 50% - If I manage this then that will be huge. Currently my personal debt is approx £32k

Laser eye surgery - it would be real nice not to have to put my glasses on 1st thing of a morning to be able to see where the hell I'm going.

2 Holidays - I love going on holiday. We haven't had a real 2 week vacation for, god, I dunno about 8 years I think.

Excercise - Yeah, I'm the ultimate couch potato. I really need to start some sort of physical fitness programme.

That's it for now. BTW, I'm getting really broody for SNE, I cant tell you. I really must resist the urge, but I find it so appealing the thought of being a Supernova Elite!!!! GL all!