Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Catch up.

Well I'm sort of still trying to catch up with reporting what I've been up to this month, and TBH I've been quite busy. Usually I go to work, then when I get home I'm a huge couch potato, watching sport and playing poker, yes my wife is a saint. Speaking of which:

Birthday Celebrations!

My wife celebrated her 40th birthday on the 30th of May, so she decided to have a big birthday bash. She invited loads of her friends to the local British Legion club (I have no idea what the equivalent of this is in America/Canada) and I invited some of mine. Well as party's go it was a really great night. However I was totally shitfaced and the end of the evening was somewhat of a blur. The only thing I remember was walking home with my daughter, and her 2 friends, and decided I was gonna scare them shitless as we walked past the local cemetery....

(Currently there is a advert on British TV warning of the pitfalls of drinking heavily and gaining 'beer muscles', thinking your invincible)

.... Yes I know I'm supposed to be an adult, but the opportunity was too good to pass up. Anyways as I ran away from them, I ran down the steep steps to the cemetery in pitch darkness. I then decided to jump over the steps side rail, not realising that there a considerable drop on the other side. As I was free falling I was thinking to myself, 'I really hope I hit the bottom, soon' - As I braced myself for landing I eventually belly flopped onto the cemetery undergrowth and after a few moments of realisation, I was still alive and not in a great deal of pain.

Not only did my trick work, as the girls had to entererd the cemetery shaking with fear to find where all the groans were coming from, but I did literally crap myself. WTF was I thinking of! Anyways after I found my glasses and brushed all the leaves and undergrowth from my face and clothes, we all returned home safely. Obviously my wife had a few words to say, fortunately I was too pissed to remember them.

Weekend Away

So after the Birthday celebrations, I booked a weekend away for me and the wife. It's the 1st time in 20 years I have been away with my wife without the kids, and I was quite apprehensive about the whole thing. I mean what the hell would we talk about? I don't think we've ever spent more than a day without the kids in our lives. I needn't of worried as we had a great time. We went to Edinburgh, which is a lovely city. Steeped in history and tradition, beautiful architecture, lots of shops, restaurants and bars and a lovely hotel.

CC 500k Post Celebration Tourny

So we returned on Sunday afternoon and picked the kids up from my mum's. Once I returned home I was itching to play some poker. I played some sats to the sunday million, wasted 2500FPP's in the process and failed miserable when my JJ ran into AQ. I hate MTT's.

I decided to enter CC's milestone achievement tourny and did quite well by finishing 2nd. Nick had added and extra $100 to the prize money (cheers Nick) so it was quite a good night. I was extemely fortunate though as I sucked out twice so I apologise to my fellow CC'ers. Congrats to Bryan24 who was the deserved winner and thanks to the railers who made it a great night. I really should play in more of these CC tourny's as I usually do quite well in them

More updates tomorrow as I'm almost up to date now so GL all.

Footnote: My ribs are really quite sore now. There's no bruising and It's taken nearly a week for the pain to appear, so I guess I didn't have the softest of landing after all.


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