Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Disappointing End!

Well I haven't posted much this month. I'm sure you guys can guess why. I'm pretty low at the moment, not much else I can say to describe how I feel. Got fed up with my play/how I ran/constant bs that I've had this month. I could post a shit load of hands of how bad I played, how bad I ran but wtf! There's absolutely no point! I don't profess to be a good player or anything, I never have. And at my lowly winrate, I expect to have some horror downswings. But it's just gone on for too long now.

Last November was the start, a 35 buy in d/swong to boot. I stayed at 200nl for too long whilst that swong was underway. I made a recovery in December, but January has been just as demoralising as November. I'm nowhere near as bad as Nov, I mean I'm only -$2.5k, but earlier on in the month I was like down to -$3.6k, then I rallied back to -$200, then back down again.

Withdrew all my money out of Stars, which I feel absolutely gut wrenched about. I had high hopes for making a decent living on Stars, but I have to be realistic, I just can't beat 200nl. And my winrate just isn't good enough at 100nl (just under 3ptbb/100 and steadily decreasing).

I'll post some more another day, coz i'm just pissed off atm.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Great Start to the New Year!

Not poker wise!

Took the family to my father in laws in North Wales for a couple of days, and had a really good time. Plenty of wine and lovely food, in fact I've certainly over indulged in both over the last 2 weeks. My wife's father lives in a converted barn not far from Betws -y- coed. It's a lovely place, situated on the side of a hill over looking the hills and valleys.

So, on Friday we all went to a nearby reservoir, which is surrounded by some beautiful scenery. We managed to walk around the whole reservoir, total of 7 miles. Well I can tell you now, I'm paying dearly for that. It just goes to show, how you can underestimate your own levels of fitness. I mean, it was a 3.5 hour walk over varying terrain, but I felt refreshed after it. However, 2 days later and I feel like someone has stuck a kitchen knife in by 2 calf muscles, plus I have tendon problems in my right foot.

So here's some photo's of the reservoir:

Me and my daughter:


Played my 1st hands of 2009 yesterday. It was a pretty nasty day, villains were hitting the top of their range almost everytime I got into a hand with anyone. So it wasn't pretty and not worth talking about in all honesty. Down 4.5 buy ins.

2009 Life Goals

Guess what? I actually have some non poker goals for this year.

Reduce my debt by 50% - If I manage this then that will be huge. Currently my personal debt is approx £32k

Laser eye surgery - it would be real nice not to have to put my glasses on 1st thing of a morning to be able to see where the hell I'm going.

2 Holidays - I love going on holiday. We haven't had a real 2 week vacation for, god, I dunno about 8 years I think.

Excercise - Yeah, I'm the ultimate couch potato. I really need to start some sort of physical fitness programme.

That's it for now. BTW, I'm getting really broody for SNE, I cant tell you. I really must resist the urge, but I find it so appealing the thought of being a Supernova Elite!!!! GL all!