Monday, 23 June 2008

This is just Gorgeous IMO.

Been at work this weekend which kind of sucks, because I have to miss some of the nice tourey's that Stars runs over the weekend. Anyways, I was in the works van on the way back to the station late Saturday afternoon when I saw this gorgeous bit of stuff heading towards me,

No LDO not her but this!

The Bugatti Veyron! This has to be the most gorgeous looking car ever imo. Rumour has it, the owner of the Veyron I saw on Saturday, has two! Yes Two! At £800,000 each (apprx $1.2million) that's just WOW! Now if only I could run good at 100nl then maybe ......

So back to the real world!

Definitely Not CSI Miami!

Most of the members of CC know that I'm a CSI. Now I have been a CSI for a 7 years now, and it's been a wonderful job for me. I've worked on some really interesting cases over the years and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time as a CSI. But as with a lot of people, we love to moan about our jobs and I'm no exception to that. We also become a little stale in our working environment and I think that is certainly affecting me lately.

So on Friday, I got called to a elderly lady that had been found dead in her living room. She had sustained a severe head injury, that had bleed profusely. Now at first glance this looked sort of suspicious, but by the time we had analysed all the information, it was obvious that this poor lady had just fallen and hit a cupboard edge.

This type of incident just puts a lot of my moans and groans into perspective for me. It takes something like this to realise that, yes I do have a good job, and no it doesn't matter if I lose 5 buy in's tonight.


The only +ve thing I can tell you about my last 3 days of poker is I've played around 7.1k hands, and earned some VPP's. Yes that about as positive as it gets. Sunday night was most definately my worst night at 100nl since I started, losing 6 buy ins. I had the pleasure of Zach and Chuck on several of my tables. TBH, I'm not sure how they were playing, all I know is I'm spewing buy in's left, right and centre. I'm not suffering a lot of bad beats that I can bemoan even, it's just a helluva lot of coolers, most notably KKvAA off the top of my head at least 8 times this month. AA/KK are also running in to sets a lot as well. So tbh I don't think there's a great deal I can do except to just accept it and grind it out. GL all.

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ChuckTs said...

Umm Jay I'd appreciate you not posting revealing pictures of my ladyfriend on the internets, kthanx.

Yeah Jessica Alba is looking fine too btw.