Monday, 9 June 2008

Poker Update.

Well I'm gonna give you a summary of my poker month up to Sun 8th of June. These will get a little more in depth a bit later, but for now my month can be summed up as follows:

6max Mayhem.

Started the 1st two days of the month playing 100nl 6max. In brief, I run like crap at 50nl 6max earlier this year, so I thought I'd give 100nl a try after my success at FR.

Well I ran like god winning just over $1k over 2 days. 1st day I was 4 buy ins up and on the 2nd day I was up around 6 buy ins. Up to this point I had played like 2.5k hands and was thinking, hey maybe I don't suck at 6max!

Then I went on a crappy d/swing like no other. I decided to play a few more tables, I was originally playing 4-6. I upped it to 10-12 tables and within about 1500 hands had lost all my profits, sick! Well, if I learned anything it's I can't multi table the amount of tables like I can at full ring. 6max requires constant aggression and knowledge of villains tendencies. This seems to work ok for me with 4-6 tables but after that I'm pretty clueless. I will return to 6max soon, because seriously, some of the crap people were pushing with defies belief. This has to be major +ev in the long run. Back to FR for the time being.

FR Grind.

So from the 1st of June up to the 5th of June I have played 12k hands and I'm +$624. That includes 3.6k hands at 6max. Meh! I'm seriously lagging behind this month. I set my monthly goal on CardChat to play around 75k hands. I failed last months goal miserably, so I would like to get this on in.


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