Thursday, 5 June 2008

Stars VPP's

OK just to give you the heads up on what all this talk is of Vpp's, Fpp's, blah blah blah.

Pokerstars is my favourite poker site. It's probably the biggest, and imo, safest poker site out there. It has the biggest game selection, and a huge customer base. That's great because there's a lot of sub-standard players who are willing to donate their money. It's also got some of the toughest regular players as well, which is both a problem and asset. What I mean by that is, with good table selection we can avoid a lot of the regs, as these guys are the hardest to beat. But conversely, the really good regs, we can learn a lot from, so it balances itself out.

Anyways apart from the above, Pokerstars awards players with Frequent Player Points (Fpp's) and VIP Player Points (Vpp's). The Vpp's are used to indicate what level you're at in the VIP programme. This starts at the basic entry level 'Bronze', you can then progress to 'Silver' when you achieve 1500 Vpp's in a month. 'Gold' is at 4k Vpp's and Platinum is set at 10k. After this is Supernova and to be able to achieve this you have to gain a yearly total of 100k Vpp's.

Fpp's are issued out depending on buy in's to tourny events, or raked hands in cash games. Depending at what VIP level you're at, determines how many Fpp's you gain. For example, if you are at Silver VIP level then for every Vpp you earn you accumulate 1.5Fpp's. Fpp's can be used to purchase items from their online store, or used to purchase cash. The higher up the levels you go the more Fpp's you earn.

Now Stars doesn't have a rakeback system as such, but the Fpp's does actually serve as a rakeback if you accumulate them on a regular basis. Checkout the VIP section on their website for a full description on Vpp's and their benefits.

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