Friday, 20 June 2008

Holdem Manager.

Upto now the only tracking software I've ever used was PT2 (Poker Tracker) and PT3. I loved PT2, and was looking forward to the advanced features that PT3 would offer. This would include a HUD and a whole host of filters and reports etc. Now I must admit I wasn't really impressed with the new layout of PT3, it seemed to lack some of the nice features of PT2, but hey that wasn't really a big issue. I was more concerned with the HUD, which was one of the primary reasons I wanted PT3.

Now I can understand that things wouldn't be exactly smooth running, whilst in the development stage of beta versions. So when they released the product sometime last month, I was hopeful they would have these glitches ironed out. I have to say I was quite disappointed with the product. The Hud just caused the software to lag really badly, ok it was a vast improvement on the beta, but still, 20 tabling was pretty horrible. There were the inevitable crashes as well, which again, if your multi tabling can be really frustrating.

Now I knew there were other poker trackers on the market, so when ChuckT's did a review on HEM on CC the other day, my mind was eventually made up. I used the trial version up, 5k hands, and 20 tabled with no problems or lagging whatsoever. I paid the $80 and I'm absolutely delighted with it. It's huge to me, that I can multi table with no lag, no crashes and no focus stealing of tables. Now if only I could run good at poker this month then everything would be fine and dandy..... so onto the poker!

Poker Update

Wed the 18th - Played 3800 hands, down -$164.

Thu the 19th - Played 5800 hands, down -$224.

Well, the only +ve out of these 2 days of poker is VPP's. I've probably earned around 3k in VPP's which is obviously good. As for the poker, well I can honestly say my poker play isn't that great, but who knows, maybe I'm making some great laydowns. I feel like I'm spewing a shit load of chips post flop. When I have a decent hand, I'm trying to isolate a limper to get HU. Then by the turn it just seems I'm never ahead. When I do look them up they always have the goods. Well that's just the way it goes sometimes I guess.

I don't want to dwell too much on the last 2 days worth of play, because putting that much effort in over 2 days, to come away with a 4 buy in d/swing is obviously frustrating.

My Setup

Just thought I'd give you guys an idea of my setup. I bought a new laptop about 3 months ago which was a huge improvement on my last one. It's a 17" Acer Aspire, which has an Intel Core Duo processor, 2GB of Ram etc etc, with Windows Vista which is meh!

So when I'm loading up my tables, I start up HEM, then load up my AHK scripts (see the overcards website in the sidebar for more information). I use Stars Planner, which allows me to sit out of tables, or re-join them, in one click instead of having to do it individually. It also enables me to auto buyin to the cash game table, saving a lot of time. I also use Stars Assistant, this enables me to auto register to cash game tables in the lobby and provides a table urgent highlighter. Lastly I use Stars betpot AHK which is basically what it says, I can press a mouse button and it auto sets my bet to a pre-described level, ie 66% of pot or whatever, varying it on different streets if required. If your multi tabling then you seriously need to consider using these scripts as it makes life so much easier.

Now as I have told you I play upto 20 tables. I set them up in a stacking formation. Most people use tiles, cascading or stacking. I originally used cascading which is fine, but I've since moved onto stacking which I like a bit more. I set it up were I have 2 stacks of 10 tables. On the 17" laptop there is a little overlap but it's more than manageable so I'm quite pleased with the way things have worked out with the setup. I may decide to tinker around with it after I have reached Supernova as I'll have some spare time, but for now it's fine.

Music Vid

After a crappy 2 days poker, I need a vid to cheer my up. I love this vid, the song is awesome as well and Dolores Oriordan is fit imo!


dakota-xx said...

Nice song and video - tho I had a tough time looking at her when she had the braids and that god-awful gold dress on. I will have to take your word for her being fit underneath that hideous dress lol.

Jay said...

Debs, I love her look with the short blond hair, when she's playing the guitar. Agreed about the look in the gold though ;).