Friday, 13 June 2008

S.U.M.O. Time

An interesting thing happened to me the other day, I went on a works seminar, hosted by a motivational speaker, and actually enjoyed the bloody thing. You see, I'm one of those guy's who thinks 'Good god what the hell are they wasting my time for sending me on this type of thing. What on earth am I going to get out of this? I'm gonna be bored shitless!'


Surprisingly, this guy was very entertaining and had some great things to say. He started by describing me, in fact, everything he had to say was basically about me. WTF I've never even met this guy before! In a nutshell, he describes how we become reluctant to change because we're always operating on automatic pilot. How we blow things out of proportion, how we dwell on problems and feel 'Why does this always happen to me?' syndrome.

S.U.M.O - 'Shut Up Move On'

Don't get me wrong, he's not trivialising peoples problems, he's just putting them into perspective and tbh, it was very refreshing for me to realise this. Hopefully I will be able to use this and move on with things, and I certainly believe this will help me with my poker when it comes to the dreaded downswings.

Anyways if your interested in this type of thing I've added a link in the sidebar to his website.

Poker Update

It's a good job I went on the S.U.M.O seminar because poker this month is really quite depressing.

Mon 9th - 1900 hands down -$396. Didn't win one buy in, biggest loser KK.
Tue 10th - 1300 hands down -$565. Again didn't win one buy in, biggest losers were AA/KK.
Wed 11th - 1400 hands up $111. At last a green day - but still haven't won a 100bb stack in 3 days. Suited conns were biggest losers today.

Thur 12th - 2300 hands up $307. Well last nights play basically continued with 2-3 buy ins down. Then over the last 500 hands or so I started winning some buy in's at last. I was playing around 20 tables at first, but it gradually whittled down to about 16. Thankfully one of my tables had an absolute maniac on it. He was basically playing every pot and overbetting every street. I lost a stack to him early on but managed to gain a couple back from him. When I finished for the evening he still was 4 buy ins up!

As you can see I'm way behind pace on hands played, work and downswing isn't helping there!

So anyways I'm gonna S.U.M.O - Shut Up Move On. GL all.

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