Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Weird Poker Month.

Updates only to talk about today I'm afraid. Was hoping to get some hands in on Sunday. Was kind of busy in the daytime, it was Father's Day after all :). Got a lovely card from my kids with a nice bottle of aftershave, which was perfect timing as I had just run out of the stuff. Anyways, was just about to settle down around 7pm and grind about 3k hands, when the door bell rang. My uncle and aunty decided to visit, so my poker evening was cancelled.

Mon the 16th - played 2100 hands for a profit of +$221.

Here is a hand of how not to play the idiot end of the str8 when deep, wtf!

Well this is one of the pitfalls of multi tabling, sometimes you just don't see the damned obvious. I actually thought he had 2 pair and didn't even consider the nut str8! Anyways, I preach all the time on CC about losing stacks in limped pots, this has come back to bite me in the ass!

Tue the 17th - Played 3400 hands for a loss of -$41. Wow that was such a frustrating days poker. Up a buy in early on in the session, then a steady losing streak over 2k hands, followed by a late rally in the last 500 hands.

It just sums up my poker month. I can't get a good run going. AA/KK is just meh, I can't get paid off with them at all this month. When you consider, most peoples profits (I think it's been worked out at like 60%+) come solely from these 2 hands alone. I have won only one buy in with AA this month! Winning buy in's this month is seemingly difficult for me, losing them is LDO so easy!

BTW, my play isn't all bad this month. I like this hand as at showdown I beat like nothing here!

P.S. Did I tell you I spew sooooooo much in non showdown pots, it truly f****ing annoys the shit out of me! Apart from the above hand, I think every steal attempt I've made this month and every CB, has been met with resistence, wtf!


Apart from my meh month, I'm still raking in the Vpp's/Fpp's. Only 40k needed now. I managed to get Platinum status yesterday, so I'm off work today and tomorrow so hopefully I'll get in around another 10k hands. I will hopefully get to somewhere near the amount of hands needed to reach the goal I set at the beginning of the month, 75k hands.

Fpp's are coming in thick and fast, I have around 125k. So in August I will be able to cash them in for $3k which will be nice. Maybe I'll be able to try 200nl then, we'll see. GL all.


dakota-xx said...

Ouch on that hand, but yea saw that one coming. I see you use the same thing ChuckT's uses to show your hands - I love that. When I get a day off I will catch up on your blog - and I have plenty of them coming up soon lol.

ChuckTs said...

you are on stox right?

If so go and check out Kyle's cbetting video, it's like the authority on cbetting imo.

Also look at hunter's vids, he's like a superlag in some videos and I don't doubt a lot of his total profit comes from NSD winnings. Not saying to turn into a superlag, but maybe you'll pick something up off him ;)

Jay said...

Cheers Chuck, Yes I'm a member there. I haven't watched many vids recently due to the grind, but I'll check them out. Thx m8.