Saturday, 2 August 2008

It's Been a While...

Since my last post. Why?, well just been really busy with work, spending time with the kids watching 24, playing a little golf etc etc. Been playing some poker too, but you all know how thats going atm!

July Monthly Summary

The last 2 months have been just like 'WTF!' I mean, I'm not even on a f'king d/swing as such. Only played just on 47k hands, which considering I played like 15k in the 1st 3-4 days of the 2xVPP promo, just shows how disinterested I became.

Cash results look like this: Played 47k, Profit +$762, earned like $700 in VPP's. Half of the hands I played were at 100nl 6max, and I ran ok there. Nothing special but at least I made back the losses that occurred at FR.

In the middle of the month though, I played some SnG's, not sure how much I lost exactly, but around $100. Disaster struck in trying to qualify for the f'kin Sunday Million! Spent like 20k FPP's and around $100 and still never qualified. So overall I think I made around $7-800.

Just to show how shitty I run at 100nl FR, I'm like -$800 on ALL IN EV for July!

Well all I can say is, that I doubt I can have 3 meh months on the trot, so cue the major d/swong or hopefully upswong!

Goals for August

Jesus, I hate setting them, but it's kind of boring if I don't so here goes.

Achieve Supernova status - should make it by the 1st week.

Min 50k hands - probably a 60/40 split in favour of 6max to FR

Shots at 200nl

Leisure Time

Played 9 holes of golf the other day with a mate from work. The 1st time I have played on a course in over 2 years, and I really enjoyed it. The 1st hole was a par 5, so a decent drive was essential, cue me topping the ball around 80 yards off the tee into the rough! Things went quite well thereafter and I ended up scoring a 43 on a par 35. Hopefully I can get some golf in this month, as I'm off work for 3 1/2 weeks, woohoooooo!

Well as 'It's Been a While' enjoy this video. GL all, and bring it on Supernova!

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