Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Make Your Mind Up!

Poker really annoys me at times, or should I say, I annoy myself. I love the excitement and action that 6max brings, but I also love the fact I can 20 table FR and rake in the FPP's. I've mentioned this before, I do well at different limits at 6mx v FR. For some fecking reason I'm just easy money at 100nl FR, whereas I was winning quite easily at 50nl FR. It's frustrating the life out of me in all honesty because if ( and it's a big IF, ) I do decide to go for Supernova Elite, I need to be winning at probably 1PTBB/100 TBH. Also I need not only to be playing 100nl, but realistically 200nlFR. 6max can be equally frustrating as the variance seems to be a lot higher in 6max v FR. Now at 50nl I was pretty much a break even player, but at 100nl I do ok WTF!

Poker Update

Anyways, since my last update I decided I wanted to mix my games up a bit so I went for a little HU. I played some 50nl and did really well the 1st day. I played a couple of tables and won a few buy ins, mainly through really aggressive pf and post flop play. My NSD winnings were great which I was really pleased about. The next day started off in similar vein, but unfortunately I was suffering a little at SD and went on a bit of tilt against 1 particular villain. Ended up down 1 buy in for the 2 days, but it was a welcome change.

I honestly feel my post flop play has improved over the last month or so, so I went back to the 6max tables and ended up playing around 5k hands over 2 days or so. I'm up $1k over that period running a hot 10PTBB/100, but what's most pleasing is the NSD winnings, see graph:

Ok I know it's a miniscule sample, but heh it looks good to me.

I got into some real tricky, deep pots in over this period. I played this hand totally horrible imo. Even at 6max against this TAG I shouldn't be stacking off deep with TPTK. there's some discussion on CC about the merit of 4betting deep with AK, obviously it's situational but w/e.

Another tricky spot, deepish. This dude is like 30/20/3 so I don't think I have much option but to fold (still not sure about that) however his push here fucks me up for the next hand I have with him, he even said in the chat 'u have JJ?'.

Then this, same villain:

So yep there were some good hands, this one in particular was very satisfying. Villain is an 85/1/1 type. I dunno these guys hit everything against me. I'd already lost a fair bit to this villain, raising with the likes of AK, KQ type hands, and he's still there at the river holding the 73o trash whilst I'm there with A high and he's there sitting pretty with 2pr.

I've since realised that sometimes in 6max you just have to call down light. Ok this is not a particulary great example of that, but given villains AF I think it was ok.

Ok, thats about it. I'm off work still until next Monday so I need to get some hands in before I go back to work. I'm a bit down this month on hands played,due to my holidays last week, and playing 6max so hopefully I'll get in at least 10k before I return. Just one more thing, Congrats to Irexes on CC for doing well in this weeks Sunday Million. No doubt he'll get to the final table soon imo. GL all.

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ChuckTs said...

JJ hand being so deep I like 3betting a larger amount to deny him the chance to push us off our hand like he did there.

Last hand is definitely a call-down for me. An 80+ vpip player has all types of trash there and I don't think the calldown is light at all. with the missed draws and good turn/river cards I'd be calling down with ace high a lot of the time.

You'll find your niche in the poker world :) I will say that playing FR, especially with the retarded number of tables you play, won't advance you as a player a fraction that playing 4 tables of 6-max will.

gl Jay