Wednesday, 23 July 2008

So, So, Slow!

That's how it feels at the moment. My bankroll is just static, my VPP's are just like accruing at a snails pace, and I just don't feel like playing a shit load of poker presently. Of course it has to do with the way I'm running. This is this mornings graph:

The day started out nicely, up just over 2 buy in's, then it was pretty horrible after that. This hand started the slide off.

I'm looking to isolate villain here as he's horrible. He limps/min raises, so I'm getting great odds to call pf here plus were deep. Well you can guess the rest.

Then I get Aces losing to a set of Queens on the turn, Kings losing to a flush yada yada yada!

Despite this variance, I'm actually enjoying my return to 6max (I doubt I'd be saying that if I have a 20+ d/swong like I did in Feb, but meh). I feel I'm playing really well, as you can see from the graph above, I'm actually doing well in NSD pots. I seem to have improved in this area whilst playing 6max. I'm floating more, I'm bluff catching more, and generally I feel I'm quite aggressive. It can get a little hairy at times, b/c your going to showdown a lot lighter than compared to FR, but you just have to trust your judgement.

I'll play a session later today and keep ya posted.

Busy Time at Work!

Well following a post I made earlier this month, about work being a bit boring lately. I think I'll keep my mouth firmly shut in future! Since then we've had 2 murders and a double fatal RTC.

Last Thursday night I was watching the TV with about 20 mins of my late shift left. There was a huge bang outside, so we all ran out to find 2 cars had been involved in a collision. One had overturned and was lying on the roof. It wasn't pretty and basically 2 of the occupants of the overturned vehicle died at scene and another was critical in hospital

Well I went into work this Monday to find out I would be attending the post mortems of the 2 deceased. Finished work on Monday night at 11pm after 6 hours at the mortuary, with my legs absolutely aching. Came into work yesterday to find out, yes you guessed it, another post mortem, this time of a man who had died somedays later after an assault. Got back to the office at 10pm last night after another 4 hours at the mortuary.

I'm so, so glad I'm off for the next 2 days!

GL all.

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