Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Off on My Hols!

Well tomorrow morning, I'll setting off with the family on a weeks holiday to France. We'll be setting off bright and early from Liverpool, driving down to the south coast to Poole in Dorset where we'll be getting the 12:30pm ferry to Cherbourg.

We'll spend the night in Cherbourg before setting off to stay in St. Malo in Brittany. Really looking forward to it as poker is sort of pissing me off at the mo.

Poker Update

Poker sucks! Poker sucks and poker sucks!!!!!!

So then a short post, but been kind of busy getting some hands in and getting ready for my holiday. I promise to update more frequently when I get back, GL all


WVHillbilly said...

Have fun and relax a little.

No crime scenes and no poker, just enjoy the downtime.

Jay said...

Cheers WV, spk to ya soon.

bw07507 said...

Have fun in France man

An occasional break is always good for the poker game, I'm sure you'll be winnin in no time once u get back. Soak in some sun for me (if its even sunny there this time of year. I have no idea lol)