Friday, 22 August 2008

Difficult Times

Still getting over the marathon journey home from my holidays, so thought I'd relax and play some poker. Played around 3.3k hands over 2 sessions and felt ok at first playing around 16 tables. Ended the 1st session down just over 3 buy ins. Made some great call downs along the way, but having to make difficult call downs on a regular basis basically just puts tremendous pressure on you. It usually stems from losing big pots with the bigger hands, so it gets to a stage were you think that you have to make the marginal call downs in the smaller pots just to make some ground. As I said I did make some decent call downs, but I feel I'm putting too much pressure on myself in having to play like this.

The second session was a real struggle. I managed to reduce my daily deficit to below a buy in. Again constantly making tough call downs along the way. Then over the last 500 hands I ended up the day a total of 4.5 buy ins down. This certainly wasn't helped by KK>AA on 4 fecking occasions. All in all I got paid off with one set, whereas I constantly seem to give value to setminers when I hit tptk.

New Goals

I was planning on sharing some new goals today, but I feel it's gonna have to wait a little. I was hoping that a week's break from poker was going to change things, maybe I have to be realistic about my skills and progress at 100nl FR. It's strange that I actually feel I have improved in certain areas, but I can't continually blame coolers and bad beats on this prolonged break even stretch at 100nl, even though that's exactly how it feels.

Tomorrow's a new day, GL all.


Icemonkey9 said...

AMEN. Your post is exactly how I feel right now. To the letter.

WVHillbilly said...

Dude I agree August sucks! Hard!

I really related to your comment about calling down with marginal holdings in small pots after losing with big hands in monster pots. Pretty much summed up my entire month so far.