Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Swong Citeh!

2457 hands Profit -$188.

It could have been so much worse, but incredibly it should have been far far better. -$400 in all in EV luck today, plus some f'kin horrible coolers. I was hoping to build on the last 2 days profits today, and still I feel I'm playing quite well in NSD pots. There are 1 or 2 spots were I still spew, but I'm well impressed by my NSD winnings. Today was still good as I was only down -$78 in that area.

Oh well here are the horror hands for you to cringe at, either how badly I played them of purely how unlucky I was.

This 1st hand is pretty bad play all round by me I think. This should be a fold to a 3/bet, but he could be squeezing wide here, however calling is spewy as it should be fold or shove. I hit the dream flop and I know the min bet is gross, but lets face it it doesn't change anything as its going in regardless. He's got a fair bit of equity so not really a bad beat tbh, but this was just the start of the suckouts:

Not for full stacks but still pretty hard to take:

The next hand is against a calling station type, I'm looking for 3 streets of value with this flopped str8, the river is kind of scary, but I'm not really worried about the flush. His push is gross, but I just can't find a fold!

What's this, another flopped str8?

Oh, and just to finish on, a lovely little example of how not to value push the river with the 2nd nuts, WTF!

Positive News

Just got some stuff concierged from my holidays, so in the next few days I will be getting $1600 added to my account (oh the joys of Supernova :p). It still leaves me with 80k FPP's, so unless I buy something else, I may keep these until Christmas. Hopefully by then I'll have in the region of 400k FPP's.

Video Time

Well it's not much of a video, but the song is really catchy imo. People over this side of the pond will recognise it from the Magners commercials. GL all.

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Icemonkey9 said...

dude that was a motley crew of hands you just showed ... how many flopped straights were busted there by 4 outers?! Too weird, and a wacky day. That first hand I agree with you I didn't like how you played it but it didn't matter overall since you were doomed as hell anyways.