Thursday, 25 September 2008

Return of the Max!

3238 hands / +$841 profit.

Well, I really needed to focus on some stats and look for leaks. Chuck made an interesting comment in my last post, basically saying there must be something wrong if I'm suffering swings like that. I mean, don't get me wrong players will suffer with swings like that on a fairly regular basis I believe, but I felt I had to search out any flaws in my recent stats.

I'd felt over that period that I had become a bit of calling station. When looking at my stats, it sort of proved that. My WTSD was around 33%, normally 27% and I was calling 3bets far too often for my liking. So over the last few sessions I certainly had that in mind and the results were a lot better, plus running well obviously helps.

I noticed there's a couple of CC players going through a similar swingy period. In fact theirs are probably a lot worse than my own. Downswings are really difficult for player's to deal with. They really affect your ablilty to actually make rational decisions, or even to rationalise why the hell we play poker. Many players who experience downswings obviously tilt off a lot of $$$ as well. What sets a really exceptional player from a marginal winning one is the ability to cope with tilt and the d/swong period. One day I hope to be able to cope with them a lot better that I do now. Hopefully those guys fortunes will turn for the better soon.

So hopefully I will have a more stable time for the remainder of the month. Ready for my next months goal ;). GL all.

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Icemonkey9 said...

Good stuff glad you were able to analyze your game and get it right. I'm feeling the same way. I'm at +$0 now this month thanks to the swings but I know I am not playing well at all which is the WORST feeling I could have.