Sunday, 7 September 2008

Running Well!

3905 hands / +$957 Profit

LOL! You haven't heard me say that in a while, and I hope it's not the kiss of death. This month I'm on an overdue heater, imo. Obviously I'm on a heater and that's great, but I feel like I'm playing well as well.I don't know if it's beacause I'm concentrating on this NSD stuff, but it just seems to be clicking atm. It's not like I'm being super laggy or anything, I'm still fairly TAG, but I'm showing aggression in the right places, and I'm floating at the right times.

Selected Hands

Fist pump hands imo:

UTG villain is like 19/15/4, I see him raising any PP's here, possibly SC's and certainly some broadway stuff. I'm still not sure about calling down here. Obv I'm putting him on the lower end of that range:

Managed to get myself in the shit with the turn call here, but dug myself out again with the river bet.

Ok floating OOP isn't ideal, but I knew this villain was gonna bet the flop once I checked, as soon as he gave up on the turn the river bet was inevitable. Not the way I was expecting the hand to play out, but sometimes you just gotta act on the weakness.

So, I'm still not playing the desired 3k hands/day, but after tonight, I'll be off for a couple of days so time to cram in some hands. Got my coaching video review tomorrow night so looking forward to that. I'll give an update on how that goes in my next posting.

I've almost reached another poker milestone, so hopefully in the next few day's I can update you with that, any guesses? GL all!


Mortis said...

Very nice plays! I especially liked the one where you got the other guy to fold with your pocket 4's that were no good, hehe.

Jay said...

LOL, I was actually multi tabling at the time and for some reason missed my continuation bet. So wtf I was thinking when I called that turn, obv a very skilled float imo, lol. But thanks for the comments.