Monday, 1 September 2008

Monthly Summary

Hands 43,039/Winnings $23.20

Bullshit..... Total fucking bullshit..... That was the month of August.

Even before the last 3 days of poker, August sucked bad, but at least it was gonna be an ok green month. Then 'Boooom' I actually tilted for like 3k hands or so and -$900 to boot, and played some shit poker. I couldn't bring myself away from the game, it was that comical WTF!

I think I was just pissed off with running so up and down, it just got to me. I haven't tilted like that since last March when I lost a horrific amount of buy ins at 50nl 6max.

Then not only that, I had played some WCOOP steps and had managed to get to level 4 ($215ish), next step would get me to a $700 buy in. Pretty card dead and needing to make a move, Donkster raises from ep (this tit has just hit runner, runner, runner, runner, runner for his all in AQ to beat AK!) and I push w/JJ, he calls w/AT to hit...... runner fucking runner again.... jammy &%*&!!!!

OK so I'm thinking fuck it lets play in the Turbo Takedown, thats just like easy money yeah? Fook me in almost 2 hours I had one hand, fucking 88! Went out with 100 left before the bubble.

So bye August and my -$1100 all in EV luck as well FFS!

Thank God for FPP's as I think I managed to make around $850-900 or so.

Sorry for the rant and the profanities, GL all.

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