Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Coaching Review

2725 hands / +$81

Meh! I dunno, didn't think I'd be disappointed with an $81 dollar winning day, but I am. 1st session went well, got to about 2.5 buy ins up. Second session started great as well and was up around $450, then I just lost a shit load in NSD, basically all my islolation/squeezes got mullered, all my CB's got called or raised, and I got frustrated and stacked off light.

So Monday night I spent almost 3hrs with my new coach who had reviewed my 1hr video I made him. I was a little sceptical prior to this, as basically he's quite cheap as coaching standards go at $35/hour or $120 for a 4hr review. I have to say he impressed me a lot. Considering he's new, he helped me loads with the recording of the video, and his review was very structured and detailed. I wish I was that organised, because I should have recored the bloddy thing, doh!

So my goals for the next few weeks are:

Don't let villains limp from the SB on my BB

I actually didn't think I did this, but on the video it happened quite a bit.

Isolate/Squeeze more, certainly I/P

He picked up on a lot of spots were there was a lot of limpers, and I should have been isolating i/p, Also 3 betting regs i/p, and oop to constant blind stealing. Again I thought I did this to some degree, but there were a shit load of spots he noticed I should have been doing it on the vid.

Concentrate on betsizing

Because I use a betpot script, my betsizes are sort of automatic. But he notice a few times that 75% pot Cbet was too much against certain villains/boards, and if it was 50-66% then that would have the same affect, plus it saves us a little money as well. If you playing 500k hands a year then this can add up.

Less flatting oop


Value bet more on river

Again this is something I've been working on lately, betting the river. Sometimes it has to be a thin value bet as well. The only problem I have with this is if I value bet the river thin and villain shoves, sometimes I convince myself to call. There are times when a bet/fold on the river is the correct line. I just have to practise this I suppose.

Hone hand reading skills, (Well I would if I had any to start of with :) )

I'm shit at this, and hopefully in a few weeks I'm gonna do some more work with him on this.

Well I feel kind of inadequate if I'm being honest. I mean I think I'm an ok player, but I could tell this guy was fairly young, but he had a really deep thinking of the game. In some respects a lot like the guys on CC, like Chuck, Zach, FP, C9 etc. There have been some really deep thinking posts on the likes 4-bet bluffing and c9 has just started a discussion on ways to combat light 3-bettors. I just feel this is like way beyond my comprehension at times, or I don't feel competent to express my thoughts on it. I'm amazed by their knowledge a, and I'm glad there on CC, coz I hope a little of their knowledge will rub off on me.

Bankroll Milestone

I'm gonna post this now, coz who knows it may not happen again :(. If you include the monetary value of my Fpp's, my poker bankroll is now $10k :)

I will make a nice official post on this if I ever get my BR to $10k without the Fpp's. GL all.


Icemonkey9 said...

Hey Jag, good to see ya doing well and your coach sounds very mysterious and interesting. I hope he does you well and you continue to see the bankroll move up. Don't even think that a poker concept is beyond your comprehension. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the new concepts that the wiz kids seem to take in without blinking an eye ... then I remember something Albert Einstein said: "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."

So be like Einstein, never be satisfied with your existing knowledge base and stick with problems longer than the rest of the people out there. You'll come to a better and deeper understanding.

Fredrik Paulsson: said...

Ooh, I was vaguely implied to be young! I don't care if that's not what he meant, that's how I'm reading it!

All kidding aside, glad to see you're getting a good bang for your buck out of your coach. Reviews are extremely helpful in finding leaks that we have that we know we're not supposed to have. Now and again, I go through a session in a replayer and talk to myself about what I should do next, and then I click the forward button and see if I actually did that. I often surprise myself.

Jurn8 said...

Good stuff Jay on your review, glad your getting some good info from him and hope to see this pay off at the tables soon!
I know what you mean by the CC'ers i sometimes feel worried to post strategy and HA because i fear they will just take the piss about my play lol
GL Bud and keep working on you game man