Friday, 5 September 2008

Solid 6max

6512 hands / +$812 Profit

Played 7 sessions over 3 days. Having 2 x $500 days which is always nice. Seem to be getting to grips with my NSD winnings somewhere closer to the break even line. This is mainly due to constant steals, and squeezing a fair amount from the blinds. Mixed in with some floating and I've had a constant red line in my HEM graphs, just hovering under the $0, well -$300 to be precise.

Had another go at the WCOOP steps again today..... Why the fuck do I bother. For the second time running I get upto step 4, (which gets me a buy in of $700 to step 5) and go out as a fairly convincing 80%+ favourite. Not only that I went straight out with no parachute to a lower level, Damn!


Did my video for the coaching session. It wasn't that great tbh, regarding getting into tricky spots. There were some stuff to analyse, I'm sure he'll pick up on my flatting OOP stuff, but w/e I'll see what his review is like and we'll take it from there.

Also did a sweat session with Zach. He played 4 tables of 100nl 6mx and ran like god. Mainly through some good LAG play, and I certainly picked up on a few things I liked in his play. I thought I squeezed a lot, but he does it a bit more than me and with any crap as well :). Hopefully we can do some more because I tend to take more in when I talk things through and see the actions, rather than just reading strategy all the time, I guess it's my age and trying to absorb lots of text tbh.

The only thing I'm a little disappointed with this month is the number of hands I'm getting in. I dunno, I just can't seem to play as long with the 6max. Maybe it just takes it out of me having to really concentrate with all the decisions I have to make. Only played like 8757 so far. I was sort of hoping to put in 3k/day, but I'm well short of that.

So next up should be a review with my coach of the vid I made so we'll see how it goes. GL all.

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