Tuesday, 2 September 2008

New Beginnings...Hopefully!

2250 hands / +$360 Profitz

Well after that god awful month of August, I decided, enough was enough.

I need some coaching!

Now, unfortunately, I don't easily absorb information by reading, reading and reading. I need someone to 'explain it and show me' sort of approach. So, I know Chuck was getting some A1 coaching from one of the Stox pro's, so I thought I'll give a shot.

I looked at the coaching thread on 2+2 and have gone for a new coach, who has come highly recommended by mods and customers, and more importantly, is quite cheap. So I'm gonna do him a video of me 4-tabling 6max 100nl and we'll see how it goes.


Well the new update for Stars brought down all the pokertrackers, so I didn't fancy playing a shit load of 6max without a HUD, so I thought I'd give the multi tabling video a shot again. I'd previously been having trouble compressing it, but my new coach gave me a few tips, and although the rendering of the video takes an eternity (even though I have a fairly new, decent spec laptop) it seems to work ok.

So then I made a 15-20 minute video of me 20 tabling 100nl full ring. It's not really to show you how to play that many tables, it's more to show some of the guys on CC who just play 2-3 tables at a time. Just to see how manic it looks/gets. Funnily enough, I'm really quite used to it now, so it's definately within most peoples capabilities I think. Anyways, I don't think my play was great even if I did run ok. I think most of my winnings for that day though came about 5-10mins before I started the video though, Doh!

So tomorrow I'll be doing my 1hr video for my coaching session. I may also post it on CC, but I'm a bit shy so we'll see. GL all.


ChuckTs said...

Good to see stuff turning around for you Jay :)

I trust you're smart enough to get a coach with some credentials and who is trustworthy. Coaching should help quite a bit.

Will look forward to the video!

Jay said...

Well, I know what your saying Chuck. He is new at coaching, but seems to be well respected reg on 2+2, and Thac who's a mod on there recommends him so I'll give a shot.

Zach said...

Who's the coach? 2+2 sn?