Wednesday, 1 October 2008

September Summary

46.6k hands played / +$2,717 Profit

I earned 19.5k Vpps which equates to approx 68k Fpp's and a nice little $1100 added to my total earnings this month.

Total for the month of $3,800.

The month started off really well, even though my attempt at 200nl was short and not very sweet. Then I went on a 30k hand break even stretch, which was pretty frustrating to say the least. The root cause imo, was seeing too many showdowns. I had a SD % of approx 33%, which is probably a little high, I usually maintain a level of 27%.

Played in a few donkaments this month as well. Did well in last weekends Supernova Freerolls, cashing for approx $115. Busted out very frustratingly in the $55 buy in, $80k GTD just on the bubble with KK losing to AK, which seriously pissed me off, I could have easily folded ITM, but meh! Then I played in tonights $11 rebuy. Seriously, I didn't have one f'kin hand in 2 hours! No wonder I hate donkaments.

October Goals

For some time now I have been interested in Supernova Elite. To achieve SNE, you need approx 83k Vpps/month. So at 100nl you would need to play approx 200k hands a month, at 200nl approx 150k hands/month.

Now that's a tall order, especially as I have a full time job. So I just want to try it out and see how I can handle the volume of hands, the swings and the time management of working/playing. At least then I'll be in a better position to make a decision once and for all about SNE. So October I hope to be playing around 5k hands/day at 100nl FR, of course my primary concern is my BR, so if it all goes tits up, then I will abandon the attempt.

I have been speaking to Zach about this on AIM recently, and I think he may have a trial run at it this month as well, so it should be interesting to say the least. GL all!


dakota-xx said...

Good luck - I bet we won't see as much of you in Cardchat if you are playing that many hands a day!

Great job in September Jay.

Jay said...

Thanks for the support Debs. And don't worry you cant get rid of me that easily ;O)