Saturday, 1 November 2008

October Monthly Summary

Totals 110.1k Hands played / +$1649 Cash game profit / 37.4k Vpps = $2.1k / Monthly Profit +$3.7k

Total Vpps for the month was 37.4k which is like 131k Fpp's, translated = $2.1k. So all in all it was an ok month for me.

Summary of the month, well my goal was to play 150k hands. Started off really well and as you can see from my graph, I went on a real heater in the first week or so. Around the 35k hand mark though things went on a real downer. 20+ buy in downswongs hurt, they hurt a lot. I honestly don't think I tilted much in that run, it consisted mainly of coolers and beats. I was really struggling against short stackers, and I still do tbh. Consistently getting JJ/AK v nitty s/s just doesn't cut it against their shoving range of AA/KK, but I just find it so hard to fold after rasing it 3.5bb's and having to call for 16.5bb's!!!

After the big d/swong, I then went on an equally frustrating break even stretch of 60-70k hands. This consisted of losing lots in NSD pots, were every raise/steal attempt was called or raised and every CB called or raised. Everytime I didn't believe them, guess what.... They had it. Fortunately my SD winnings were ok and saved me from losing my mind. If I'm honest, even with the d/swong and break even stretch, I was amazed at how calm and relatively tilt free I was. I was concentrating so much on getting the volume of hands that basically I forgot about my bankroll and winnings. This will stand me in good stead if I decide to go for Supernova Elite, as you have to have a substantial enough bankroll to forget about it and just play hands. Volume is the key and worrying about b/e stretches and d/swongs just isn't a consideration.

The last 10 days of the month were a real disappointment for me. The volume I put it was pretty poor tbh, only 21k hands. Was I burned out, did I lose interest? The problem for me was that there were a couple of days I just didn't get to play. The other problem was the World Series of Baseball.... I just couldn't play poker and concentrate on watching the baseball. Lastly was work, I was just so knackered after going to work for the day that I could only get a few hands in. I'm pretty sure that I could easily have made the 150k hands goal I had set myself if it wasn't for the baseball, but hell I only get to watch it once a year so it was worth it!

So then the million dollar question!

Do I have what it takes to go for SNE?

Wow it's still such a tough question. I really think I have the ability to put in the volume of hands required. The problem is my job. If I was playing full time, then it's a no brainer, the volume would be fairly easy to achieve tbh. But if I get stages like I did in the last part of the month, then I'm gonna fall well short of the volume required.

Playing 100nl and going for SNE is definitely not gonna happen, it has to be 200nl minimum for me, that means needing around $20k bankroll for this challenge as a 100 x buy in is essential I think. To gain the required amount of Vpp's/month, I need to be playing in the region of 170k hands/month at 200nl.

So at this stage what have I learned? I now have some idea what its like trying to fit the volume of hands in and my work commitments. It will be tough, seriously tough and at this stage I just don't know. I'm gonna take nov/dec off from playing major volume and go back to 6max for a bit. In dec I'll make a decision once and for all about SNE. GL all!

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Jurn8 said...

Looks pretty good Jay and nice profits for the month buddy! Hope you continue to run good in november and i really wana play some hands but like you iv been very busy.