Sunday, 19 October 2008

Good Weekend

79.3k Hands / +$1684 Profit

Probably not gonna make anywhere near 150k hands this month, more like 130k at a push. Ran a lot better since my last update, but today was frustrating a shit tbh. Was up 2 buy ins early on in the session, but then a series of coolers (mainly to the short stacking nitty mo fo's) and bad beats left me floundering around 2 buy ins down for the majority of the sessions. This hand pretty much summed up my day, as you can tell I like to call with Axs a fair bit. According to HEM I'm a 54% favourite over both villains who are like 20% each ish..... would have been nice to hit that flush imo!

So I nearly have my 250k Fpp's which as you know is worth $4k, so by the end of tomorrow I will be cashing in those Fpp's. I took out $1500 last week out of my Stars roll, so it will be nice to top it back up a little, even though I'll be taking another $1500 out pretty soon. It looks as though I'll make the 200k Vpp milestone around December time, which is worth a net $1.2k, nice imo ;o).

Didn't get to play as many hands as I'd liked to at the weekend. Went out on Friday night with the wife to town for a nice meal. Checked out this little latin/tapas place, had some cocktails to start the night off followed by a lovely Brazilian main meal of Fish with mussels with white beans in a coconut sauce. After that we met some friends and basically went on a pub crawl and had a real good time.

So had a good weekend that was finished off nicely with a win for Lewis Hamilton, lets just hope he does a good job in Brasil in two weeks time. GL all!


Jurn8 said...

hell of a grind jay 80k on the weekend and glad things are turning round for you bud!!

Jay said...

Well I wish I had played 80k hands over the weekend, but even I'm not that insane ;o)

I'm actually showing my monthly total at the beginning of each post for this month as it just makes it easier for me to post that tbh. Still on for like 130k hands this month I hope.

Koen said...

How come the handreplayer ships the money to you when u have a 7 high str8 and the other guy has a 9 high straight ?

Anyways good job!

So does that mean the +$1600 is the monthly profit for this weekend (73k)?

Koen said...

BTW I'm eNTy

Jay said...

Replayers f'ked imo. I win a side pot, but villain wins main pot.

Profit is for the month Enty and the 73k is the hands played for the month