Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Slow Progress....

Monthly Totals: hands played 14,700 / +$2825 profit

....trying to play out this $4k bonus. Still need approx 12,000 Vpps, which is taking me an age playing 6max. It would be so much quicker at FR, but I'm determined to stay at 6max this month.

Gradually I've increased the number of 6max tables I'm playing. I really don't wanna play anymore than 12 tables tbh as I'll just become a nit, which I don't thinks overly profitable (if at all) at 200nl+ imo. So for now I'm playing anything from 6-12 depending on how I'm playing/running.

The banroll's taking a bit of a battering lately. I've started taking a small income from it on a monthly basis. This month it looks like I'll be withdrawing around $3k, which is obviously great, but I just love the thought of my roll building and moving up the levels as a result. Still need to make some substantial moniez between now and end of December before finalising my decision on SNE.

Just a short update, I'll post some hands in my next post, GL all!


icemonkey9 said...

You should update your "ABOUT ME" it seems woefully out of date!

Jay said...

Duly noted Ice ;)