Sunday, 23 November 2008


Monthly Totals: 38k hands played / -$860 loss

So looking at it from a monthly perspective it doesn't look that bad does it? However this covers up an epic downswong! Here's my graph for the last 11 days:

I've played these last few thousand hands, fairly confident that whatever hand I'm holding when the money goes in, is either way behind or will be by the time the river card hits. It's an insane downswing that has got me totally re-evaluating my poker goals for the forthcoming months. Pokerstars has been good to me. I've loved playing on Stars, and I've made some decent money this year, probably in the region of $18k (including bonuses) but I don't know how long I can let this downswing continue before I say 'enough's enough!' The last 11 days has included 10 buy ins at 200nl, 15 at 100nl and even 1 at 50nl. Yes my last 1k hands have been at 50nl!!!

My current bankroll still consists of +50 buy ins for 100nl, plus I have around 3k Vpp's to go before I release the $4k cash bonus, so it's not the end of the world. Well I'll see how the next few days go, GL all!


ChuckTs said...

I'm not sure when your bonus expires, or what else is up, but if you have the time I'd seriously take a break and read Tommy Angelo's Elements of Poker. You need a break Jay.

Jay said...

yeah your right Chuck, I'm working nights at the moment so probably a good time for a break I think.

bw07507 said...

wow that is so sick, a break sounds like a good idea and just try to think of that 4k you will be clearing soon. Hope things turn around soon.