Tuesday, 4 November 2008


2.2k Hands Played / +$1180 Profit

After last months challenge, it feels like I'm sort of hungover from my exploits and have only played 2 small ish sessions. As I think I may have mentioned, I'm back playing 200nl 6max, which over the very small sample I've played, is going quite well. Trying to just ease myself back into it, learning to re-adapt back to 6max ways i.e more isolating/squeezing.

Not sure if anyone else feels the same, but there just seems to be way to many regs on my tables. Yeah some of them are poor, but I would rather there were more fish. Maybe it's a sign of the times, there's been some debate lately about the credit crunch affecting players re-depositing or whatever. It could be that I'm playing at the wrong times, or just the fact that the fish are just getting far less as we progress up the limits. Either way, I suppose as we continue to play and progress, then we need to adapt to the changing times. Play different styles maybe, or even change games altogether. I suppose there's the possibility of changing sites as well, maybe to a more European based site as they seem to have more fish. Anyways, no need to hit the panick button just yet, just thinking out loud regarding some of the observations I've made lately.

Watched the Formula 1 finale at Brazil on Sunday night and wow, what an amazing race! I've been privelidged to watch some amazing sporting moments over the years, but what happened in the last 2 laps, especially in the last bend, when all looked lost for Lewis, then I think that it ranks right up there imo. Really exciting stuff!

Won't be playing tomorrow as we're going out, but I'll have a couple of days off after that so hopefully get some hands in then. GL All!


Curtis Jones said...

wow 2k hands and +1k$ geez, i have almost 6k hands and neg 30$ profit lol...I have a lot to learn, but nice job so far. It kind of scares me that there aren't as many fish anymore?

Jay said...

Cheers KC, GL m8.