Monday, 17 November 2008

Wow, Just F'kin Wow!!!!

Monthly Totals: hands played 26,000/
+$366 profit

Well it's really difficult to explain and put this into words how I feel at the moment. Things started going downhill for me towards the back end of last week, but this weekend was totally fucking brutal, and it just continued today. Usually I just power through these d/swongs, but this one is particularly disturbing. How much of it is down to tilt? Well if you count tilt as continuing to play through it, then yeah it's certainly contributing, but it's not like I'm totally spewing off stacks. So my sets are being over-setted, my flushes are getting boated, my big pairs are getting setted etc etc. I'm constantly finding myself in brutal post flop situations were my overpairs are in 3bet pot's and by the turn it's totally f'kin valueless.

What's making this d/swong more excruciating is the fact I'm working off a $4k cash bonus. I've heard lots of players who are gong for SNE about how they run so shit whilst working off the bonus. Well now I know how it feels as basically the bonus has almost been wiped out from my monthly peak.

I also qualified for the Sunday Million again this weekend.... Why do I bother! Now I'm not lying when I say this, the best hand I hand in almost 3hrs of play was AJo! How did I last so long, well I managed to steal 5 big blinds when I was otb, lol, and once I just shoved when a btn tried to steal my BB. Needless to say I went out long before the bubble.

So it looks like I'm just gonna mess around at 100nl 6mx/fr for the time being as I'm a bankroll nit, and I don't like playing with less than 40 buy ins at any particular level. This d/swong has serious implications as to whether I'll be able to go for SNE. Unless I run particularly well in December, it's looking really doubtful at the moment :( GL all!

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