Monday, 10 November 2008


Monthly Totals: hands played 8077 / +$2076 profit

Holy shit! 8k hands played, I mean wtf is that all about? I love playing 6max but I just can't seem to play more than 9 tables. I certainly don't have the concentration to play mega multi tables for more than say an hour or two. Not that it matters this month as I'm just relaxing really, and just trying to concentrate on improving at 6max. The only downside to this though is that I'm trying to work off the $4k bonus I bought which requires me to earn 28k Vpp's. Still need like 15k Vpps before I clear it, DAMN!

So Sunday I decide to qualify for the Sunday Million, played in the 5400fpp 6max hyper turbo qually and made it. Seriously those fuckin donkaments make me sick. Why the hell do I put myself through it. I hate the structure of that tourny anyways, but I was card dead for 2.5hrs and went out like a lame duck!!!!

After that I played a few 6max tables, and as you can see from my graph it was a rollercoaster. But overall I'm happy with the way the month is going. Hope it's going well for everyone, GL All!

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