Wednesday, 3 December 2008

November Monthly Summary

Total hands played 46.6k / Cash game loss -$1534 / Vpps value +$900 / Total loss -$634

Took the last 5 days off from playing as it was pretty demoralising to say the least. Cannot believe how it's ended this month, really I'm feeling absolutely flat about my game. I lost well over 30 buy ins from the high point of the month, which was a long time ago, and I'm actually wondering what the future holds for me on Pokerstars! Seriously I feel I have gone from a moderate winning player to an absolute no hoper. Here the sorry looking graph for the month fwiw!

It's my 2nd losing month of the year, and whilst the monthly total doesn't look too bad when taking into account the Vpp/Fpp's, it still a pretty devastating run of hands.

Played today for the 1st time in almost a week, and the bullshit just continued, playing 100nl 6max, I lost 9 buy ins in around 1.5k hands. I wouldn't mind but my NSD winnings have been ok, but I just can't win a hand at showdown. So once again I dropped down to 50nl and thankfully, after what seems like an eternity, I have cleared that $4k bonus which has brought my roll back up a little.

Goals for December

To be honest all I want to do is hopefully get this milestone bonus which is worth a net $1200 once I attain 200k Vpp's for the year. I only need like 12.7k Vpp's, then I'll have some serious decisions to make.

At this stage I'm pretty disallusioned with life at Stars. I'd hoped I would haave gained enough bankroll to go for SNE next year, but that seems dead and buried now. If I'm not gonna go for that then I'm wondering what the draw will be for me at Stars. There are a lot fishier sites that Stars, and I just seem to be going backwards and not progresssing as much as I'd hoped there. I dunno, it's difficult to be objective in light of a +30 buy in downswing. Maybe I'll feel a bit differently if I ever run goot again, who knows! GL all!

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Custo said...

G'day Jay. First off, sorry about the shocking performance mate, but if you've lost 2 months out of 11, that's not that bad imo. Secondly, I frequently change sites and highly recommend it. Whilst I believe stars is 2nd to none in terms of support games options etc etc, everyone needs a break and I firmly believe, a solid player like yourself, can rip it up at some other fishier sites. Look into it mate, could be a saving grace. GL in December, don't let last month deter you too much, it happens to the best of us mate and its how we deal with loss and comeback that makes us winners.