Friday, 4 July 2008


I was speaking to Vanq yesterday on AIM, and he actually made me STOP and THINK!

What are my goals? Why do I play so many tables, even though I'm playing shite and running even worse.

Yes Supernova has become an obsession and the double VPP promo isn't helping me atm. Well LDO I'm getting lots of VPP's, and SN is almost within reach now. But it's now at the detriment of my game, and more importantly my roll. As you guys know, last month wasn't great but I still made a profit. This month is just like a nightmare.

I'm actually at the point now were if I get AA, KK, QQ, I know my stack is gone. You see, when I get to the flop in a 3bet pot and the money goes in on the flop or whatever, I know I'm coolered or they have hit the top of there range big! OK, shouldn't I be folding?, Well seriously I have been making some solid folds as well, which I don't think I would have made under normal circs.

So as Vanq says, 'cut down on tables', and I hate to admit defeat here but I'm gonna have to take this solid advice. I definitely intend on taking some time off and studying once I get SN, I just hope my roll hasn't been decimated in the process!

Poker Update

Well it ain't pretty, played 3 days, 15,900 hands for a loss of -$1300.1st day I was actually in profit, but the next 2 days were pretty gross. I was hoping to get in around 10k hands in yesterday, but there was no way I could continue just shipping off stacks the way I was. Onlymanaged to get in 6.7k hands in the end for a loss of -$590!


Well only the fact I made 9,722 VPP's this month, and I only need like 19k to SN. For the remaining days of this promo though I'm gonna cut down on the volume of tables by at least half. Hopefully get a little more focussed on making quality decisions.

GL all!


Fredrik Paulsson: said...

I did the supernova chase last year. Dumb, dumb, dumb decision. Play poker, play well, focus on decisions and on studying instead. The stakes you play are still relatively low that the amount of money you lose by not focusing on learning and playing better FAR outweighs the money you might potentially gain by reaching SuperNova.


Jay said...

Very good point FP. However, Since I've been taking this SN thing serioulsy this is the only sticky point I've had. I'm so close now that it shouldn't take to long, then I can focus on playing poker! Good point though, cheers!

robwhufc said...

Good decision Jay, it's something i've been harping on for a while on CC, people putting VPP accumulation before winning money. Good luck with getting your game back on track.

Jay said...

Cheers m8 ;)

Zach said...

In terms of supernova, you have nothing to worry about. You could probably 1-table and by the end of the year you'd have it. So making supernova this month instead of next month or the month after or December has absolutely no value. The only thing you gain is the fpps. And know that they have an exact value of 1500/100000 = 1.5 cents/fpp. So unless you made 87k fpps in the -$1300 you're losing money even including the fpps. Don't press for something less valuable than the money in your roll.

I mean if you think you can avoid tilting and continue to play well then by all means take advantage of the extra fpps. But don't avoid taking a break or stepping back and looking at your game just because of the fpp promotion.

Jay said...

Wise words my friend, thx!

ChuckTs said...

Had a feeling the pots entitled was going to be about SN.

One step up from you, but in the words of Leatherass, "going for SNE was easily my worst decision ever in poker".

I've been playing 9 tables instead of 12 lately - hardly a huge drop, but enough that I can actually think about most of my decisions now. As we've talked about it before, but I think the real path to serious skill and money is doing something like 6-tabling 6max.