Wednesday, 16 July 2008

British Open Golf 2008

Royal Birkdale

I'm gonna start today's post off in a positive way. Took my son to watch the last days practice round at Royal Birkdale today, the venue of this years Open Golf Championship. Royal Birkdale is situated a few miles from were I live on the North West coast line between Liverpool and Southport. It's a beautiful traditional links course with some really interesting holes, and I have to say its in wonderful condition. I swear the fairways are good enough to putt on.

Got to the course at about 9.30am and immediately watched Scott Verplank and Steve Stricker tee off the 1st hole. We decided then to walk the course backwards and try to catch the big named players as they were heading towards us. The 1st big named guys we met were Angel Cabrera and Miguel Angel Jimenez. Angel Cabrera was an amazingly humble guy, spending an enormous amount of time signing autographs between shots (probably to the annoyance of his playing partners), but this really impressed me.

Jimenez enjoying a fine cigar

We continued round the course when we came across Greg Norman getting some bunker practice in. The wind was blowing real hard today and if this continues over the weekend them I'm sure the bunker practice will pay off.

Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood playing alongside Big Earnie Els.

David Duval having a relaxed round with Big, Big John Daly.

As I mentioned the wind was blowing real hard today. The way these guys hit the ball into the wind really does need to be witnessed. They strike the ball so solid, it amazes me everytime I go to see them.

Had a really good time today, but I'm absolutely knackered with all the walking.

Poker Update

Tilt? Well I'm not sure if I am, but probably tbh. Last weekend was one to forget, for some f'kin reason I really wanted to play in the Sunday Million, so I decided to have numerous attempts to qualify for the thing. Well I probably could have bought in direct for 2 SM's for the amount of Fpp's and cash I spent in trying to qualify, WTF! I really don't want to dwell on that now as it's seriously pissing me off. Needless to say I was card dead and out shortly after the 1st break.

Congrats to CC member Zach who went quite deep for a nice little cash of $2.2k, well done dude.

As you guys know I'm running sort of bad. It's been like since I moved up to 100nl FR things just haven't gone well. I mean last month wasn't a disaster, I was still up for the month. But you can just sense when things are not going well, even though I'm not on a mega d/swong or anything. Mainly I win a buy in, then I lose 2, that type of thing.

So to break the monotony and to take advantage of the added Fpp's promo this week, I decided to revisit SnG's. Holy f'kin shit, WTF!!!!!! I must of played like about 20 in 2 days comprising of $38 6max and $55 games, winning 2, cashing in 3 and bubbling in about 10 (5 of which were 2 outers FFS). Seriously I run shitter than a shit thing in SnG's, now I remember why I left them.

So all in all, I'm not playing much atm, just slowly raking in the Vpp's to Supernova. Which leads me onto another Congrats, to CC member ChrisTC, who has just attained SN. Hope to join you soon m8.

One last thing before I sign off, Ninelions on CC mentioned he would like to see a video of someone crazy multi tabling. Well, I'm that bored I thought I'd have a go. I'm hoping to do it by the weekend and whilst it will more a fun type video, I will be showing you some of the AHK scripts I use and the different type of setup etc so hopefully it will be a little informative as well.

GL all, and for once GL me!


WVHillbilly said...

Love the photos and the Open update. So lucky to have that in your backyard.

I bet you'll run better once you get all this Supernova nonsense out of the way. It's obviously effecting your game.

Jay said...

WV, I will be glad when I get to SN. I mean swings like this just kind of happen, just got grin a bear it.

Yeah I love going to watch them play, I'm a mid handicap golfer, so just watching their technique and pace of their golf swings just amazes me.

Probably won't play much poker over the next 4 days as I will be watching the golf on TV.

Jurn8 said...

Dude the open pics look sweet nice to Harrington is playing but looks like hes struggling atm!
who u think will win it

Jay said...

Difficult to say who. My fancies before the start were Westwood, Garcia. Westwood had a mare today though. I still think Garcia may have a chance. Hopefully Harrington can play through the pain barrier.

bw07507 said...

Sweet pictures from the open. I've been to a a couple majors here in the US and it was a blast both times. I am also a golfer (although a pretty terrible one) and I work at a golf course so I really appreciate how good the pros really are. GL with SN and I really hope your luck starts to change soon. I feel a sick 50k upswing coming for u.

Jay said...

Cheers BW. Wow working on a golf course is my idea of heaven.