Thursday, 10 July 2008


No not with poker. Pretty bored with work lately, tbh. The last few years has seen a major drought of decent (big) jobs in the area I work. So what constitutes a big job? Well, suspicious deaths, murders, serious assaults, major drugs operations etc etc. When I first started as a CSI, we literally had a murder once or twice a month. The unit worked great as a team, working long hours and many consecutive days to get the job done. Everyone contributed and it was all hands to the pump. It's been so long since our last big job, that I actually fear, we may have lost our edge so to speak. There seems to be so much bitching in the unit lately because management continuously ram individual performance figures down our throats at every opportunity. It has created a culture of 'cherry picking' and division in the office. Now I know our professionalism will see us through if a big job does come in soon, but I can't help thinking that management have contributed to the apathy within the office, turning a good team spirit into a unit that doesn't really care about each other any more.

I know it sounds really callous talking about looking forward to the next big job, so I apologise for that.

Poker Update

Played 5.2k hands since the last update, which is pretty lazy, but I have been working for the majority of it. Even so it's still way below the volume I usually play. However, I'm playing 6max now so there's no way could play the amount of tables as I did with FR. 8 tables seems optimal at 6max, at a push I think I could handle 12. Buth there's no need for that yet tbh.

So 5.5k hands for a profit of +$544. Still down for the month, but only just. Earned around 15k in Vpp's, only 14k to go before SN. Stars have just added another cash bonus to the VIP store, were you can trade in 250k worth of Fpp's for $4k, which is cool, as this works out at almost equivalent to their Concierge conversion rate. Now I have just on 180k Fpps at the moment, so I reckon by the end of Aug I should have the required amount for the new cash bonus.

6max is still providing plenty of fish. Yesterday I went on a nice heater early on in my session getting 5.5 buy ins up, then I went on a bit of a d/swing stated off by this hand.

Against this aggro villain, I certainly have enough equity to call this pf.

This hand seems to be a standard theme at 6max. I'm not sure I like stacking off so lightly if I were villain, as he is quite TAG for 6max at 16/14. I think maybe my flat call on the flop probably confuses him. I actually thought he had an overpair here, so if its a blank turn, I'm committing my stack.

This next hand is just so weird the way villain played it on the turn, he even delays slightly calling the river. But it's so gross ;).

I think I will be playing in some tournies at the weekend, make the most of the 2x guaranteed promo thats on atm. So GL all.


Zach said...

You gonna give the Sunday (two) Million a shot? I figure even if the double guarantee doesn't result in an overlay, it'll still be a huge field with a ton of donks and definitely be a +ev tourney to play. And catch a run of cards and get super Jamie Gold lucky and a 6 figure win is possible :).

Jay said...

I hate donkaments Zach, but I gotta give a try. See you thee.

robwhufc said...

Interested to see how FPP's convert into cash - 250,000 points equalling $4,000 is almost exactly the same as the 100K 70 FPP satelites, which would win $11 tourney dollars for every 700 FPP (assuming you win exactly 1/10th of them).

If you win more than 1/10th of them (and if you've ever played one you'll see just how easy this is), you would convert a lot more than this (though of course there is the time element).