Monday, 7 July 2008

Stars Promo Week 1

Well that certainly wasn't the week I was hoping for. I was looking forward to this week so much, but it ended being a huge anti-climax. Apparently I wasn't the only one as there were lots of other guys who had 'their worst d/swing since playing poker' during this week.


Played 20.2k hands, for a loss of -$773. Earned 12.7k Vpps' for the week which equates to around 31k fpps.

Got nowhere near the amount of hands I had set myself, was hoping to get nearer 40k hands for the week, but meh! Started playing 100nl fr but I had a 13 buy in d/swing in the 1st 3 days. Went over to 6max, played around 5k hands and recovered just over 5 buy in's.

Unfortunately, I can't give a more detailed analysis of the stats/figs, because I have come across my first little glitch with HEM. When looking at your winnings on the reports page, it appears, that if your FR table, gets reduce to 6-7 players or something, then it classes it as a 6max table and all the hands you play at that table become 6max stats. Also if your FR or 6m tables gets as far down as 2 i.e you could have several players sitting out or w/e, then it appears to class it as HU. This is a little annoying, but hey it makes up in so many other ways.


Gonna play 6m for the remainder of this month. As you guys may know, I'm originally a 6m player, but transferred to FR after a huge break even stretch. Now this seems to have gone the other way I'm back to 6m. In all honesty, I love 6m, your more involved, there's more fish and your going to showdown a lot lighter than at FR, which I suppose suits my style. Yes variance can be a bitch at 6m, but I just hope I can be a profitable proposition at 100nl and above.

Selected Hands

Unlike FR, pushing AK pre flop is uber standard!

6max is not really about set mining, so when you do hit your set, most regs will happily ship their stacks with overpairs.

This guy falls in love with his TP and beautiful kicker!

CC 1k Post

To celebrate my 1k post I had been thinking for some time to write a meaningful article on Bankroll Management. It's very important to me, the fact I have gained so much from CC (and 2+2 for that matter) over the years. There are some wonderful, knowledgeably guys there who contribute so much, that I wish I could have just a small %age of there skill and know how. Anyways, I thought that giving just a little back to some new guys just starting out in poker so here it is if you haven't already seen it Bankroll Management.

Haven't had a music vid for a while so here's one I haven't heard for a few years, but I just can't stop playing it atm, hope you like it.

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