Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Rough Time Continues

63.3k Hands / +$818 Profit

Probably around 13k hands since the last update and another $200 loss. As the title suggests this is a really rough time at the moment. I'll post a few hands just so you can see wtf I'm talking about.

I guess a good player adapts to swings like this. I've heard players before talking about not changing your style when going through swings like this, but I'm not a supporter of that. As I've said before, my game consists of aggression, so raise, bet, raise, bet etc etc. The problem over the last 35k hands has been, seriously, everything getting called or raised. So to continue that aggressive style is just like burning $$$. As a result I have had to nit it up, my stats have gone from 15/11/3 to a nitty 11/8/2.5. Also the rate at which I'm earning Vpp's has decreases substantially. I've gone from an average of 350Vpp's/1000 hands to around 290Vpp's/1000.

Yesterday's session saw a slight improvement, in the fact I was actually getting some hands and getting action from them. Unfortunately for me though I was hitting the nuts on the flop/turn, getting the money in and the villains hitting their boats on the river. Well yeah, that's frustrating as shit as you can imagine. Another thing, why the fuck do I get AK/JJ when a short stack pushes on my steal attempt. They always have the fucking nuts! I don't know about you guys, but I just can't fold AK/JJ when the shorty has 20bb's!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, it's not all coolers, bad beats and the like, there's a fair proportion of bad play as well. When running this shit, it does lead to poor decisions unfortunately. I just have to try to minimise them as much as possible.

Selected Hands

This is an example of how passive I've become lately, really this was bad!!!!

Example of villain hitting the top of their range!

So I'm halfway through this challenge, with 63.k hands played. After a great start, I'm somewhat disappointed at how it's gone, results wise. I'm still coping with the volume, and I hope to get somewhere approaching 150k hands for the month. I'm nearly upto 250k Fpp's, which will earn me $4k in a cash bonus Stars does, so I will be cashing that in in the next 3-4 days or so. I will be withdrawing around $3k of that as we need some $$$ for Christmas. GL all!


Jurn8 said...

Oh My Shit Jay!! I feel sick just watching those hands I thought I was having a rough time!! Man all I can say is keep going and playing like that the tide will turn!

WVHillbilly said...

Don't change your game Jay. If anything ramp up the aggression. That's what we do naturally when we're "running good". So is a high AF a symptom of running good or the cause?

Keep your chin up.

Jay said...

Thx for the comments guys.

WV, I hear what your saying, but seriously, if I hadn't of toned down my normal style of play, I'm pretty certain I would of lost more than the 20 buy ins.

And no worries dude, I always keep my chin up ;o)

goooooood girl said...
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bw07507 said...

Wow jay, not sure how you put in that many hands already this month. I'm currently sitting on ~12,000 and I've been playing a decent amount, lol. Keep pluggin away, hands will go your way eventually.

goooooood girl said...
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