Monday, 13 October 2008


4014 hands / -$419 Loss

Well since last Thursday I have only played 4k hands in cash games. Ran like complete shite tonight. I mean really f'king shitty. Which on the back of my last losing session on Thursday was a complete pisser. I'm not gonna bore you with the details, but I ended up 4 buy ins below EV.

Just didn't play much at all over the weekend what with work, and feeling absolutely exhausted. Not sure if the volume of hands is actually taking it's toll on me mentally, but seriously this weekend I was just knackered.

I had a day off work on Friday and well, ended up being a little busy so didn't get to play. I also took the wife for a meal which was nice, and is sort of becoming a regular occurrence of late. Why? Well tbh, I now have some disposable income thanks to the pokah.


Pretty much since I started working 20 years ago, I have been in debt. We started a family very early (accidently I hasten to add ;o) ) so things were a struggle for a number of years. We always used up our overdraft facility at the bank and had numerous credit cards maxed out as well. Every so often we would consolodate our debt with one big loan, then the viscious circle would repeat itself.

Well, 2.5 years ago I sort of had a light bulb moment (at that time our debt was approaching £45k not including mortgage ) and decided enough was enough. My wife and I were completely miserable, constantly juggling finances on a weekly basis just to keep the banks of our backs. I came across a site called Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert which gave us some invaluable advice in cutting down our monthly outgoings and debts.

Anyways I was introduced to Matched Betting, which basically makes use of a gambling loophole to earn free money from Online Bookmakers. Sounds too good to be true, well thats what I thought, but believe me I made around £2k from free bets that these companies offer you to open up an account with them. It's simple to do and risk free and totally legal. Yes Free Money WTF! I will at a later date make a post on how it's done.

So with some extra cash, I thought I would deposit some money on Pokerstars and concentrate on buidling a bankroll, and that's exactly what I've done. I have reduced my debts a little (now below £30k) and I now have some surplus income at the end of the month on a regular basis. I know it sounds daft, but we can now enjoy going out on a regular basis, without having to worry too much about how much it gonna cost, or if we can afford it. We've also been able to go on holiday this year, and we'll be able to have a really nice Christmas as well. I certainly hope this continues because I'm starting to enjoy it. GL all!


Jurn8 said...

glad to see things have worked out for you buddy and i will hopefully be able to repay you one day for all the help you have given me!
look forward to seeing this post on match betting as free money as a student is always amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you mate - well done