Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Good Start

Day 1: 6k hands/+$818

Good start to this challenge I have set myself. Played 4 sessions, lasting approx 5.5 hours. Ran really hot, picking up a lot nice hands. A little disappointed with the last 300 hands though, as I was +$1000 at the time.

Obviously I had a day off work today, but tbh I felt like I could of played another 2k hands at a push. I'm back at work tomorrow, so getting the 5k hands is gonna be tough. I was 22 tabling today, getting approx 1100 hands/hour. So tomorrow I'll be happy with around 4k hands.

I doubt I'll get the time to post much content this month, so I'll update the blog at the weekend. GL all.

1 comment:

Jurn8 said...

Nice start Jay, 6k hands is a marathon i only average around 500 hands per hour so would take me toooo long to play that many!