Sunday, 4 January 2009

Great Start to the New Year!

Not poker wise!

Took the family to my father in laws in North Wales for a couple of days, and had a really good time. Plenty of wine and lovely food, in fact I've certainly over indulged in both over the last 2 weeks. My wife's father lives in a converted barn not far from Betws -y- coed. It's a lovely place, situated on the side of a hill over looking the hills and valleys.

So, on Friday we all went to a nearby reservoir, which is surrounded by some beautiful scenery. We managed to walk around the whole reservoir, total of 7 miles. Well I can tell you now, I'm paying dearly for that. It just goes to show, how you can underestimate your own levels of fitness. I mean, it was a 3.5 hour walk over varying terrain, but I felt refreshed after it. However, 2 days later and I feel like someone has stuck a kitchen knife in by 2 calf muscles, plus I have tendon problems in my right foot.

So here's some photo's of the reservoir:

Me and my daughter:


Played my 1st hands of 2009 yesterday. It was a pretty nasty day, villains were hitting the top of their range almost everytime I got into a hand with anyone. So it wasn't pretty and not worth talking about in all honesty. Down 4.5 buy ins.

2009 Life Goals

Guess what? I actually have some non poker goals for this year.

Reduce my debt by 50% - If I manage this then that will be huge. Currently my personal debt is approx £32k

Laser eye surgery - it would be real nice not to have to put my glasses on 1st thing of a morning to be able to see where the hell I'm going.

2 Holidays - I love going on holiday. We haven't had a real 2 week vacation for, god, I dunno about 8 years I think.

Excercise - Yeah, I'm the ultimate couch potato. I really need to start some sort of physical fitness programme.

That's it for now. BTW, I'm getting really broody for SNE, I cant tell you. I really must resist the urge, but I find it so appealing the thought of being a Supernova Elite!!!! GL all!


Fredrik Paulsson: said...

Judging by the pictures, I can only assume your daughter gets her looks from her mother. ;)

Beautiful pictures, in any case. That barn is pretty neat looking, although it looks COLD! But that feeling is probably heavily influenced by how cold it is in my own house now. My feet feel like they're about to drop off, and I wouldn't half mind if they did.

I've thought about eye surgery, but everytime the idea pops into my head, I think "laser beams cutting through my eyes while I'm awake. No, actually, pass." But it's statistically very likely you're a braver man than me, and I have friends who seem to be happy about getting it done, so good luck.

Jurn8 said...

Sweet house your wife's parents have dude, looks nice.
Loving the fact your still supporting stars on your 7 mile walk.
Good to see your life goals for 2009 and if you want SNE go get it dude grind when your free and there will be a double FPP week for it to help you which you could book off work??
Hope all goes well and you have a sweet year dude


Anonymous said...

Nice pics Jay. My Mum is from Abergele originally and we still have family in St. Asaph and surrounding areas.

You need to add another goal - meeting up with several of us in London in May!

Looking forward to it....

Gesshoo said...

Sorry Jay - that was me - Joe/Gesshoo

Jay said...

Lol @ FP, yeah she probably does get her looks from her mother, and yeah it's bloody cold in winter that barn. The walls are like 3' thick.

Jo, that's not a goal, it's a given. Look forward to seeing you all :)

dakota-xx said...

Weeee...London is gonna be great again this year!
Damn - it looks cold in those pics lol.