Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008 Yearly Summary

Been busy over Xmas, so I haven't had much chance to update the blog. Anyways December has been an ok month for me made $2450 in winnings and around $1100 in fpp's, so total of $3550.

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to post any yearly graphs or give any reasonable accurate stats as I have had to endure 2 database malfuntions. So I emailed Pokerstars and they gave me some stuff, so we'll have to make do with that.

So my poker year!

Started the year off playing Stars and PartyPoker with a balance of $1500 on Stars and $35 on Party. January was a really good month for me as I found PartyPoker had put in my account a $35 bonus. I managed to spin this upto like $2000, before going on a little d/swong. I eventually withdrew the lot out for a nice little earner of $1400. Not bad for 4 weeks work from $35! Party was a really fishy site and in all honesty, I could probably make a fair bit more money there than I can on Stars. But my goal at the start of the year was to make Supernova.

Stars went steady for the 1st month, where I was playing a mix of 25 and 50nl 6max. Then in Feb, I took a shot at 100nl, lost a buy in or 2, then dropped down and went on a hideous ~25 buy in d/swong. This was my first real cash game swong and it really knocked me back. I lost half of my roll and a hell of a lot of confidence. I took a small break and eventually got back in.

I continued with 50nl for a bit, but for some reason I just couldn't beat it, even though I was a small winner at 100nl, a decent winner at 25nl and a significant winner at 100nl on Party. I was becoming a little demoralised with the whole thing, because I knew I should be making more progress. Now on Cardschat Chuck, Tenbob, and Zach were full ring players so I decided to have a shot at that, and have some more input on stats/analysis with these guys. I suddenly started winning at 50nl at a decent rate and not only that I learned the art of multi tabling :).

So by now were entering the summer months, and I'm 16 tabling 50nl with some shots at 100nl. Also I'm now earning Vpp's at a decent rate, and it looks like Supernova will be easily achievable before the end of the year. From memory I had decent winning months in May, June and July. It was around this time that I had increased my tables now upto 24 tabling, which sounds kind of insane, but it's really easy when you have the correct AHK scripts.

Because of the 24 tabling, I managed to get to Supernova in super quick time. My 1st real poker milestone achieved. I was extremely proud of myself at the time, thinking it was a monumentous achievement. Little did I realise that its really easy to get to 100k Vpp's as my next 100k only took like 3.5 months lol.

By this time I had been following a thread a thread on 2+2 Supernova Elite. In fact I'd been following this thread for a few months and was totally fascinated by how much money could be made multi tabling and raking in the Fpp's. Once I hit SN, I pretty much convinced myself that come Jan 2009, I would be making the grind for SNE! I set myself a hands goal in October, to play at least 150k hands at 100nl FR, as this would be something like the monthly hand goal I would need to achieve SNE. I managed only 110k hands, but I really slacked off completely towards the end of the month, if nothing else it gave me a taster.

So things were going along nicely. I was well on my way for attaining the bankroll I needed to go for SNE, $20k. Then November happened!!!! WTF!!!! Just mentioning the word November makes me cringe. The hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I get goose pimples and shudder at the thought of that f'kin insane piece of shit month!!! Up $3k in the 1st 10 days or so, then BOOM! 15 days of losing poker! Every day a losing day. I dropped around 35 buy ins wtf! My 2nd losing month of the year, and a average winrate pretty much destroyed.


Well thats pretty much it. So what about the figures!

Total hands played = 650k (not including tourneys)

Starting year balance = $1500

End of year Balance = ~$12k

Total cash outs = ~$9.5

Total profit for the year = ~$20k

Oh I forgot to add, I got my $2k milestone bonus this month for getting 200k Vpp's.

Goals for 2009

Continue with my 6max development, including studying more and coaching

Improve my winrate

500k Vpp's (so no I don't think I'm setting out for SNE, not at this stage ;) )

400nl at least, by the end of 2009

Contribute more on CC

500k Vpp's

That's all I can think of right now, there not far reaching goals. I want something thats fairly achievable, so GL to me and GL to everyone with their goals.

So to summarise: I've really enjoyed my poker experience this year, it's been great year all round. Yes I'm an Fpp whore, and a fair proportion of my winnings is based on that. My winrate is pretty shitty, and that's something I'm gonna work on in the new year. Thanks to everyone at CC who has offered support to me and helped me out, you know who you are. I look forward to the forthcoming year. Let it be a profitable one for us all, except the donks LDO!


WVHillbilly said...

Nice summary Jay and a nice little profit as well. :)

Are you even thinking about SNE (like maybe trying to start out by getting most of the way to SN in January)?

Jay said...

At this stage no I'm not going for SNE. My goal is 500k Vpp's which is not too shabby. Should be worth around $40k.

Jurn8 said...

Nice work Jay, I am looking forward to working with you more in 2009, think it will benefit us both and hope you reach 400nl maybe 1knl lol!

Icemonkey9 said...

What a great post, thanks for recapping your year. It makes for an exciting read actually!

Good luck in 2009, thank goodness we won't see each other at any tables most likely :)

Kleitches said...

Great post, Jay. Hope things go well for you in 2009 and that you never experience those terrible downswings again! Great profit for 2008, you'll be at 400nl in no time. Would you say you prefer 6-max to FR? Or do you like FR better because of the ffp accumulation?

Jay said...

I find it much easier to play 24 tables of FR than I do say 12 tabling 6max. FR doesn't require that much deep thinking as such, whereas in 6max I find I'm put under constant pressure with marginal decisions.

So it's a bit of a trade off tbh, but I feel that I can improve much more as a poker player playing 6max. Sorry if this offends FR'ers.

Jay said...

BTW thnks guys ever so much for your kind words. It feels great to know I have you guys there supporting me :)

tenbob said...

Excellent post Jay. Shame I was hoping to follow you on your elite mission for this year.

500K VPP's is still an insane amount of poker though.

Good luck with it and happy new year !