Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Disappointing End!

Well I haven't posted much this month. I'm sure you guys can guess why. I'm pretty low at the moment, not much else I can say to describe how I feel. Got fed up with my play/how I ran/constant bs that I've had this month. I could post a shit load of hands of how bad I played, how bad I ran but wtf! There's absolutely no point! I don't profess to be a good player or anything, I never have. And at my lowly winrate, I expect to have some horror downswings. But it's just gone on for too long now.

Last November was the start, a 35 buy in d/swong to boot. I stayed at 200nl for too long whilst that swong was underway. I made a recovery in December, but January has been just as demoralising as November. I'm nowhere near as bad as Nov, I mean I'm only -$2.5k, but earlier on in the month I was like down to -$3.6k, then I rallied back to -$200, then back down again.

Withdrew all my money out of Stars, which I feel absolutely gut wrenched about. I had high hopes for making a decent living on Stars, but I have to be realistic, I just can't beat 200nl. And my winrate just isn't good enough at 100nl (just under 3ptbb/100 and steadily decreasing).

I'll post some more another day, coz i'm just pissed off atm.


Anonymous said...

Take a break.

Then add $2k onto stars. Play only 6 tables of 100NL and get back to enjoying player poker to win money as a hobby.

To me it feels like you have just been hammering the hands. Playing 24 tables at a time is not playing poker - its grinding.

But first = take a break

Anonymous said...

Also who said that beinga winner at 100NL is not good enough?

If you win ANY money at a hobby then surely thats good enough?

Just make sure you keep it as a hobby with side benefits

Jurn8 said...

hope everything works out for you dude and within 5 years you will be playing for a living if you can find the right site possible earlier!.
GL dude

WVHillbilly said...

Jag, go kill some of the Euro sites and bonus whore for a bit. I'm sure you'll be back at Stars eventually. You'll be fine and from the sounds of what Jake's doing to 10nl thanks to your teachings, I know you're a more than capable poker player. Just get your head right and stop worrying about VPPs.

Jay said...

Thanks for the support guys.

WV your probably right. A break from Stars is probably for the best, to focus on just playing poker and as you say forgetting the Vpp's.

No doubt I'll be back there one day, as I think their software, security and customer support is 2nd to none.

Anonymous said...

Jags, you know since I've come to CC that I've always referred to you as "Super-Nova" (Prior to you actually achieving the statues). Look man I'm not as good as you, and yet I strive to try to atleast match what you have accomplished in such a short time frame.

I still think your a monster at cash games, and truelly believe that you will smash all those ppl who have put cooler after cooler on you. I remember awhile back you made a post on one of my threads, (It was more or less down the same lines), (where I just kept running into the top of villians ranges all the time), and yet you told me that these things are pretty standard, and that eventually shit will change.

So with this I say to you keep your head up


Jay said...

Thx everyone.